Given, June, Adah (Hutchcraft), Jonathan, Benjamin, Eva

Brother Given O. Blakely has been a minister of God's Word since 1953. He has held ministries in Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri. His last ministry was for the Independence Christian Church, which he founded, in Merrillville, Indiana, where he ministered for 32 years (1/60-6/92). Brother Given also held two crusades in Vijayawada, India, where he ministered to 12,000-19,000 people, five times daily. He has been author and editor of The Word of Truth publication since 1960, and was the speaker for The Word of Truth radio broadcast for ten years. He has produced 65 teaching videos through Good News Productions, Intl, in Joplin, Missouri. These include five series, designed to lift the confidence of God's people. They are as follows: (1 Looking Back on Your Baptism, (2 The Uniqueness of the New Covenant, (3 Christ, Our Great High Priest, (4 The Second Appearing of Christ, and (5 Inner Conflict and Its Remedy. More information can be obtained by contacting Good News Productions at 2111 North Main, Joplin, MO 64801, telephone 417-782-0060. Brother Blakely has also written a book, "THE KINGDOM OF GOD," a 466 page volume published by College Press of Joplin, MO. Although out of print for the last two years, a republication of this valuable book is being planned.

After being widowed in 1979, brother Blakely remarried. His wife, sister June, has been a great asset to his ministry and personal life. An integral part of the ministry, sister June is also a proficient teacher. Currently, she is developing a women's meeting, where in-depth teaching of key doctrines will be the focus. She also home schools our four children, developing curriculum and teaching techniques that will enable them to grow spiritually, as well as intellectually. Having been a High School principal in Florida prior to her marriage to brother Blakely, she is unusually adept at teaching. Sister June also holds conferences, work shops, and classes for ladies.

As of August 2003, the Blakely children remaining at home are Eva, Benjamin, and Jonathan. Benjamin and Jonathan are twins. When the Blakelys moved to Joplin in 1992, Benjamin was found to have cancer. A massive (4" X 5"), and highly malignant, brain tumor was removed from the left front lobe of his brain on 11/7/92. Due to the mercy of God, Benjamin has recovered. In October of 1996, tests confirmed him to be free of cancer. Praise the Lord!


Adah is an unusual young lady. You can read some of her thoughts on "A Word from Adah."

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Brother Blakely also has six other children. Pamela (George Brewer), Michelle )Kenneth Hayes), Rochelle Dewayne Day), Michael, Leah (Forrest Oney), and Mark. In January of 1996, Leah passed away of Lou Gehrig's disease. This is the same affliction that took her mother, Adanna L. Blakely. She is survived by her faithful husband, Forrest Oney, and their two little children, Miles and Adanna. With the exception of Mark, who resides in California, all of the remaining older children live in Indiana.




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