Sept. 14th.2014


“Accepted in the beloved” What a glorious statement! It includes our justification before God, but the term “acceptance” means more than that. It signifies that we are the objects of divine complacence, no, even of divine delight.


How marvelous that we mortals, worms of the earth, sinners, should be the objects of divine love! But this comes with a condition; and that condition is: it’s only “in the beloved”. Which is Christ Jesus.


Some believers seem to be accepted in their own experience; at least, that’s their apprehension. When their spirit is lively, and their hopes bright, they think God accepts them. But when their souls cleave to the dust, they are victims of fear and think they are no longer accepted.


Praise God we have come to realize that our acceptance is not based on feelings; that all the high joys we experience; although, build you up; do not exalt us. And when we experience the low times it does not depress us in the sight of our Father. We stand accepted in the ONE who never alters. In the ONE who is the beloved of God.


When we look within ourselves, there is nothing acceptable. There is none righteous no not one. But everything in Christ; God accepts.


If our sins trouble us; God has cast them behind Him; why? Because: we are accepted in the beloved. We have to fight against the corruption in the world and that of our old man; and we wrestle with temptation. But we are accepted in Him (Christ) who has overcome the world, who has overcome the powers of evil.


The devil tempts us to be sure; but be of good cheer, he cannot destroy us; for Christ has defeated and destroyed Satan. And we are accepted in the beloved of God.


Let your faith take hold of this glorious truth with full assurance; “Accepted in the beloved”.  Just think of all that rests on these words: Accepted in the beloved!

What a state of privilege! Our sins taken away; reconciled back to our God and Father. The power and protection of heaven itself, keeps us.


Privileged to come boldly into the Holiest of Holies; not just once a year; but everyday all day. The Levitical priests did not have such a privilege as this.


No longer aliens but sons;’ children of the Most High and joint heirs with Christ, to the throne of God!


O brethren, REJOICE IN THIS! “Accepted in the Beloved” The Scepter of God has been held out to us; we have received favor in the sight of our God and King; because we are “Accepted in the Beloved”. Amen.