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1000 pages of free resources, ministry, web hosting/design and youth programs.
YOA and LSYF offer the Kingdom 1000 pages of award winning resouce and training all by At-Risk Youth. From web hosting w/350 megs, 100 e w/auto.resp/forward, unlimited sub-domains and traffic plus for 30 per month, to a home based business program and games and information, you are welcome to browse.  

Acadiana Baptist Center
Nestled in the heart of Acadiana, Acadian Baptist Center has the perfect accomodations and atmosphere for your children, youth, and adult groups.  

Acts of Light Internet Site
Acts of Light provides professional, high-impact dramatic resources for your adult or youth drama group, as well as interesting special events for any youth or adult group in your church. Acts of Light provides short plays, sermon starters, and monologues to enhance any service, as well as providing you with customized scripts written specifically for your drama group. Acts of Light also provides Mystery Dinners, VBS, and other youth resources.  

PURPOSE STATEMENT "The Agape Puppets Ministry' is primarily one of evangelistic outreach. The purpose of each presentation is to share basic Christian truths in a simple, easy to understand way. The goal of each presentation by "The Agape Puppets Ministry" will be to evangelize the lost for Christ and to encourage and train believers in their Christian walk.  

Aid Association for Lutherans Volunteer Opportunities (AAL)
AAL is a fraternal benefit society of Lutherans joined together for insurance, investment, educational and volunteer opportunities.  

Alpha Course - A practical Introduction to Christian Faith
The Alpha course is a brilliant way to introduce people to Christian faith or to build up a Christian's relationship with God. It is a ten week, one weekend, course now running in over 5000 churches worldwide.  

Anglican Kids Association
The AKA website is the most comprehensive online resource for Anglican and Episcopal youth. It includes such award winning pages Youth Matter, Biographies of Saints, Think Tank, YouthVotes\'98, and many other cool and informative pages.  

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese Department of Youth
Orthodox Youth provides information and resources to teens, parents, youth leaders, clergy and other interested people on camps, campus ministry, and teen ministry.  

Apple Sauce Kids
This site provides information and activities that will bring families closer together, and youth workers endless ideas.  

Award winning Illusionist, Randall Eller
Randall Eller, award winning magician, has been seen by thousands.  


Beacon Distributing/Cook Communications - Canada
Beacon Distributing/Cook Communications - Canada is a division of Cook Communications Ministries. Based in Paris, Ontario, it provides a sales & marketing force for its proprietary lines (David C. Cook Publishing, Chariot/Victor Publishing, Dayspring Greeting Cards, ThankYou Music and Cook Church Reources. It Also provides a similar representation service for selected other products of Christian Literature and communication tools. A warehouse facility allows for storing and distribution of products throughout Canada.   

Bible Quizzing Experience
This page highlights Teen Bible Quizzing organizations and provides information on Bible Quizzing resources.  

Bibles At Cost
Save 40% or more on Life Application Bibles and NAVPress Software. We have the NEW LIVING TRANSLATION Bible on CD-ROM for $7.95.  

Big World Ventures
Big World Ventures (BWV) is an international mission outfit whose purpose is to provide youth leaders and youth groups ministry opportunities and relationship-building times while taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world. We offer a wide variety of opportunities designed to challenge young people to get out of their comfort zone and into a deeper relationship with God: Short-Term Mission Ventures maximize their impact on youth groups traveling together in missions. Around the World in 60 Days provides a special chance to be involved in pioneering future mission adventures. International Discipleship Training helps bridge the gap between short- and long-term missions. Stateside Discipleship Training offers young adults the opportunity to receive evangelistic and administrative training. Venture Weekend Retreats help local church youth leaders experience team-building, challenging fun times with their teens, without the headaches of planning and facilitating these events. Youth Ministry Resources are made readily available and provide forums for exchange of ideas, experiences, and friendship between leaders. Teen Resources, from excellent devotional and growth materials to the hottest new music and wearable art, are also available at prices within the reach of any teenager.   

BonePicker, The
Welcome to the BonePicker! This newsletter was created for two reasons: to share creative ideas and to encourage interaction between the youth pastors and youth workers.   

Boys' Brigade UK Home Page
The Boys Brigade is the oldest uniformed youth organisation in the world. It is a Christian organisation for boys aged 6 - 18.  

Brockville and Area Youth for Christ
B & A Youth for Christ's mission is to communicate the message of Jesus Christ to youth, showing concern for the whole person and challenging them to become His disciples. We endeavour to integrate these teens into local churches for their continued discipleship and nurturing. We have other resources and links as well.  

Called to be Different
Called to be Different is a online/offline newsletter for Young people. We have articals, stories, poems, jokes, chat-room, music, Site of the Month Award, and alot more! Check out this page for a great time a learn alot too!  

Camp Berea Online
Camp Berea is a facility, owned and operated by local churches throughout the Northeast and is dedicated to the total enrichment of the lives of young and old. Berea is governed by directors represeting these nondenominational churches, who are evangelical in doctrine and practice. It is our prayer that Berea may be used as a place where campers and guests come to a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and grow strong in their Christian lives. Berea\'s natural beauty is unsurpassed with 35 acres of wooded land and 1000 feet of lake front on crystal clear Newfound Lake in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.    

Camp Mt. Pleasant
Camp Mt. Pleasant is a Christian campground located in the Florida panhandle, just off I-10. If you are looking for a place to have a youth camp, retreat, or an inexpensive place for a youth group to spend the night, check us out.  


CareeNet provides professional, economical career direction, college preparation, multimedia education, and staff training products, and services for students, adults, and organizations.  

Central Minnesota Youth for Christ
Bringing Christ to the world of teenagers.  

Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc.
Child Evangelism Fellowship is a ministry dedicated to bringing the hope found in the Gospel of Christ to children. The purpose of CEF Inc. is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living.  

Children's Sonshine Network is designed for the local church and the childrens ministry director as a resource of information found on the world wide web.  

Chistian Highschool Movement
A ministry dedicater to revolutionizing this world for Jesus, one school at a time.   

Christian Comics International/Nate Butler
This page contains News, Reviews,and Previews of Christian Comics products and projects around the world! See how comics can be and ARE being used for evangelism! (Links to other Christian comics and cartoon-related pages are included)  

Christian Education Resources
Resources (k-12) for the Christian Private School Teacher, Christian Educator or Parent Homeschooler  

Christian Endeavor International
Christian Endeavor International is a Christ-centered youth-oriented ministry which assists local churches in reaching young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, discipling them in the Christian faith, and equipping them for Christian ministry and service in their church, community and world...  

Christian Music Page


Christian Service Brigade
Christian Service Brigade is a ministry to men and boys in local evangelical churches. Our goal is to build Men for Christ's service.  

Christian Soldier's Redemption Card of the Day
This page contains the archives of Christian Soldier's Redemption Card of the Day that is published on and also availible via e-mail subscription. These articles discuss strategies for playing Redemption, focusing on one card each day, and also contain a mini-devotional portion based on the scripture referenced on each carc.   

Christian Students in Science
Christian Students in Science is an interactive graphic site, with answers to the most important questions about life and faith from a Christian, apologetics position focused on mainstream compatabiity between science and Christianity.  

Christian Teen's Online

Christian Teens
Christian Teens is the place on the Net for christian teenagers to meet, share, learn, and grow! We have weekly features, contests, giveaways, a chat room, and bulletin boards!   

Christian Teens! - C.C.Y.
An abundant source of fun and information for Christian youth and adults alike! Quite simply the largest web site for Christian teens, and growing!  

Christian Youth and Family Outreach Ministries
We are the Christian Youth and Family Outreach Ministries, an organization whose aim is to provide today’s young people with a Christian alternative to the problems they face. Our mission is to provide our youth with a wholesome Christian environment where they can develop physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.  

Christian Youth Group MotorHome
We provide a Youth Group Motor Home, Driving & Cooking Services to Multi-Ethnic groups focused on Education, service to others, and devotion to God.  

Christianity Bible Study Audio and Text Sermons
Listen to Real Audio Bible Study Sermons,Inspirational Gospel Songs,and Read Text Bible Study Sermons. Enjoy Amazing Java and Animated Graphic Features. Order Your FREE Magazine!   

CMN Distribution
Distributers of Christian jazz, hip-hop, rap, r&b, urban contemporary music and more! Currently Representing... Big Doggie Records; Born Again Records; Fresh Wine Records; Glover Records; Chex Productions/Spirit; Good Newz Records; Duce-One; Storm House; Entertainment; Sikio Marjka; Wood-Up; Voice of Thunder; Zep Vado; Music Group; Jaxvil Records ; Vectron; Making Melody; Gospel Unlimited; Sub-Atomic; Thee Evangelist; Voyage Productions; Remnant Records; King-J-Mack Ministries; and Game Tight Records.  


Concerned Crafts
Concerned Crafts ( Concerned Crafts is a non-profit ministry to help the needy of the world. We do this by creating jobs for them by distributing their handcrafts in the U.S. Church groups or concerned individuals recieve on consignment crafts from us for sale at church events or street fairs, etc. Part of the proceeds go to the outreach of their choice. Missionaries can raise support simply by distributing our self-explaining literature.  

Conference des Eveques de France

Congregational Holiness Church
The Congregational Holiness Church is Penecostal Denomination in the Southeast United States with Missions in Central and South America.  

Connecticut Conference Youth Council, UCC
Our page serves as an informational hub for the UCC, Connecticut Conference's Youth Ministries, and to the youth themselves. It also provides a program called Net Cooperation which is a network of links.  

Cornerstone Web page
Cornerstone's web page with music and pictures from the band describing their ministry and the devotion to Christ. Also has several cool links to other Christian sites.  

Creative Teaching Associates - Educational Games With A Purpose
Over 200 non-electronic educational games and activities that include stewardship, introduction to financial concepts, language development, phonics, and many other great games that can be adapted to any curriculum.  

Cross Fire Youth Ministry Magazine
Cross Fire Youth Ministry Magazine is committed to the spread of the Gospel throughout the world, with an emphasis on the concerns and needs of young people and those who are dedicated to a ministry to youth. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus challenges us all to   

CROSSROADS Youth Ministries, Inc.
CYM provides local youth ministries with resources, encouragement, and support. We work to meet the needs of youth workers who are working to meet the needs of youth.Cutting Edge Ministries - a youth ministry resource  

Daily Wisdom
A daily thought on life and culture expressed as a short story, allegory or editorial. Edited from More Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks by Wayne Rice. Copyright 1995 by Youth Specialties, Inc.  

Days with the Lord Home Page
The Days with the Lord is a spiritual workshop movement which was started by the Jesuits in the Philippines for High School students. It has since been adapted for differnt communities all over the Phillipines and around the world.  


Disciple - an online resource for Christians in Central Minnesota
Disciple provides Christians in Minnesota with resources for strengthening their faith, building the Christian community, and reaching out to the world. Among some of the features are news, politics, prayer, volunteer, youth, music, media, family, events and churches.  

A not-for-profit ministry providing scripts, manuals, newsletters and on-line resources for churches, colleges and groups worldwide.  

Dustin Carpenter - The Crossroads Ministries
A resource for those wanting to enhance their knowledge of the Bible.  

Empty Jay Productions/Kidz-Net
Kidz-Net...a fun filled, family oriented, Christian web page for KIDS!  

Energeia Publishing
Energeia publishes career, education and self-help booklets. Our booklets are designed to help people reach their full potential. Our booklets are distributed to individuals, churches, schools, teahcers, counselors, employment agencies, government offices and more throughout the U.S. and in 25 other countries.  

Eric Haynes' Christmas Scripts
Five of Eric's most popular Christmas scripts are available here  

Evangelical Internet Ministries Germany (CINA)

FishNet-Gospel Magic and Ballooning Supplies
Gospel magic and ballooning supplies for beginners and beyond. Resources for evangelizing, teaching, witnessing and more.  

Four Spiritual Laws
God LOVES you, and offers a wonderful plan for your life...  

Free Christian Music, Drama and Pantomimes
This site offers free 90 minute pantomime scripts with music for evangelical use over the Christmas and Easter periods. It also has small collection of vocal harmony music - again free.  


Freie Evangelische Gemeinde Giessen
Infomationen ueber unsere Gemeinde und Veranstaltungen  

Frontiersman Camping Fellowship
Welcome to the Cyber Village of the Blue Ridge Chapter of the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship. If your interest is Primitive Camping and Christian Fellowship you've found the right place. We have resources, articles and even a chat room! SO COME ON DOWN AND JOIN THE RENDEZVOUS! SEE YOU SOON, MELON BEAR.  

GARBC/Regular Baptist Press
The publishing arm of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC). Producing curriculum, books and Vacation Bible School products to assist the local church.   

Get With God (Study on Prayer)
Get With God is an easy-to-read book for youth on the principles of prayer leanred from the Model Prayer. Designed for both individual reading and group study (small groups, retreat, DiscipleNow). Free discussion questions/teaching plans for download.  

GLAD Productions
GLAD, one of America's premiere vocal groups goes online.  

GLAD-The Christian Humor Magazine
GLAD- The Christian humor magazine. If you liked MAD you'll love GLAD. Glad uses cartoons and humor to teach the Bible.  

GOFISHNET: Your Christian Music & Video Source
A slice of Heaven for Christian music fans like you! Christian music audio, Christian music video, Christian music info, Christian music links: WE'VE GO IT! The place to find the Christian music you like, or to find Christian music you'll like!  

Good News Ministries
Equipping Parents, Youth Pastors, Sunday SchoolTeachers,and Children's Workers. The opportunity is available to the churches in your area to sponsor one of these dynamic seminars. Author and speaker David Walters has been imparting a fresh vision and anointing to parents and those that work with children and youth. Children do not have a baby or junior Holy Spirit!,are not baptized in the Holy Spirit in order that they play, be entertained, or listen to a couple of moral objectlessons. The average church-wise child can be turned around and set on fire for God. Christian teenagers do not have to surrender to peer pressure - they can become peers! David Walters has written a number of books including, Kids in Combat, The Armor of God, Fact or Fantasy, Being a Christian, Fruit of the Spirit, and Equipping the Younger Saints.  

Gotta Care
Gotta Care is a strategy to mobilize Christian teenagers around the world to live out six Christian disciplines: praying, giving, reading, telling, abiding and serving.   

Ground Floor, The
to provide a safe environment that kids can come to a place where the club is as good as any club out there yet it's positive. This non-profit organization is there to stand in the gap of what the world has to offer. The volunteer staff is there to counsel the kids with biblical principels.  


Guiding Light Video
Children\'s Christian Videos,Featuring "Gerbert " "Mother Goose Gospel" "Peter Rabbit Parables" and Fantastic Music Videos for Kids of all ages.(Yes Teens Too) Teaching Christian values and morels through video.Come see what these videos can do for your child. Also On-Line Games for the kids to play and a Monthly Contest to "Win a FREE Video!" Come Shop Our SECURE On-Line Catalog  

Halloween Alternatives
Halloween Alternatives is a book for Christians to reach out to the community on Halloween.  

HisArmy.Com is a web site directed towards Christian youth, dedicated to helping youth during their daily walk with the Lord.  

Ichthus Maastricht
This is the homepage of students association Ichthus Maastricht (the Netherlands). We are a group of students devoted to Christ Jesus. We'd like to welcome you on our site.   

Indiana State Pentecostal Young Peoples' Union
The ISPYPU is the young peoples' auxillary of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) in Indiana. We bring together all people across the state in christian fellowship every quarter. Our chairman's vision, "Equipping Christian young people to move form egypt to the promised land." Min. Roy Wood is the chairman.  

International Lutheran Hour Ministries KidSite
Welcome to the International Lutheran Hour Ministries Kids Site. The purpose of this site is to bring together kids of all kinds to talk about God and Jesus and to Have Fun!   

Intersection Youth Bible Study Resources
Intersection youth Bible study resources are undated materials that make teaching youth meaningful, effective and exciting. Our teaching guides are completely "options-based" and we provide an integrated web site with areas for supporting teachers and involving teenagers. Intersection offers an approach that helps teachers and is respectful of teens. Intersection is published by Smyth & Helwys Publishing. Free sample lessons (in Acrobat format) are available for download at our site!  

Kids On The Rock
A site geared to Christian educators, sunday school teachers, youth leaders, pastors, or anyone interested in presenting the gospel in a unique way to the groups. By Mick Palmer - Christian Comedian & Evangelist. Filled with Gospel Object lessons that are entertaining, Fun and powerful in there message. Also Kids letters to God, The funny things kids have said in bible school and sunday school. The Best Online Games, Micks comedy kids Video, and much more. This is a site you will want to bookmark.  

Korning IMU
En side om Korning IMU. Her fortæller vi lidt om os selv, og du kan altid finde det sidste nye samt en lille andagt, der skifter ca. 1 gang om måneden.  

Lakeshore Youth for Christ
We are a non-profit, community owned Christian youth outreach organization. We have campus, neighborhood, and now internet ministries. We reach teens through an amateur basketball league, campus clubs, a weekly TV program, teen centers, and, soon, a teen web page on our site. We would like to share ideas and resources with others in this area of ministry.  


Lakeview Community Church - Pure Energy Youth Outreach
The home page of Pure Energy Youth Outreach. This page is dedicated to serving teens and their parents! You will find a teen chat room, prayer request room, devotional page, Christian music links, links to other youth ministries, links to youth communicator sites, a missions page, parents page, homework page, Jr., Sr, High, College and Career pages, and a message board! There is also a games page that will entertain you for hours! Overall we hope to give our local teens as well as other teens around the world a place to come and meet Jesus and also a place to have fun!  

Life Teen
Centered on the Eucharist, LIFE Teen is the fastest growing Catholic Youth program in the country!  

Live the Life
Youth for Christ's evangelism training center for teens provides resources and encouragement to Live the Life Jesus has called us to live. This is a place to get connected with other Christian teens—encouraging, praying & learning from each other.  

Lordcomm International
This Web-site advertises Church events and musicals, located in the Texas area. We also have a musical events page,weekly prayer page and special events page.  

Lost 'N Found Ministries
Lost 'N Found Youth Ministries is a dynamic youth ministry, located at 801 W. Buckingham Garland, TX 75040. Our goal is to reach the youth of America with the truth of Christ and His love for them. Please see our web site for further details. Rev. Kevin Harrison, the entire pastoral staff, and the membership invite all to attend.  

Love Worth Finding Ministries
The ministry of Love Worth Finding (LWF) was established to reach out to people with the love and forgiveness of God found only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through the one-hour television program and 30-minute daily radio broadcast, Love Worth Finding delivers biblical teaching and loving encouragement to people all over the world. Founded by pastor and Bible teacher Dr. Adrian Rogers in 1987, LWF has grown into a worldwide ministry. In addition to our regular broadcasts on 350 radio and 15,800 television stations and cable outlets in this country, Love Worth Finding is now heard in 70 countries worldwide!  

Military Mail/Friends of Our Troops
Provides a unique way for individuals as well as the the entire church family to share the Good News of the Gospel with our young meilitary men and women at more than 1,000 places across the U.S. and around the world, especially during Christmas. This can be especially important for those who have just entered the military, many of whom are away from home for the first time. Your testimony as to what God means in your daily life may be just what is needed at a very important time in their lives.  

Mimeit Ministries International
Mime It Ministries International (MIMI) has developed programs within the ministering arts that will equip the saints to fulfill the call of God in their artistic related ministries. The ministry of pantomime (mime) with a solid knowledge of Gods word and artistic interpretation of contemporary Christian music, seeks to up lift the name of Jesus Christ, edify the church and spread the good news of Gods redemption to the last, least and lost. The vision of MIMI is to train up and equip artists with the necessary tools to be effective in their calling and to encourage and be a support network for Christian artists.  

Ministry Tracking Software (makers of Youth Track 5)
Youth Track 5 is a database software designed specifically for youth ministry but can be used for children's and college ministries as well. It will help you keep track of your teens, youth workers, classes, events, money, resources and much more! Print out more than 50 reports, labels, graphs, and forms! Download a FREE evaluation version at our website and find out why so many youth ministers use Youth Track!  

MINISTRY Values for Growing Churches
MINISTRY Values for Growing Churches is the card packet distributed to 200,000 churches in the U.S. It's inexpensive and effective because the cost of printing, postage and mailing are shared by all participants. And its high response rate is a result of its easy-to-use, direct-mail format and targeted distribution to mail-responsive churches.  


Missing Link
Linking Troubled Youth & Adults with Life-Changing Programs. A full-time ministry to prisoners and to those who live in prisons of their own making. Offering Bibles; Bible studies; life-changing literature; film and video presentations; counseling; correspondence with prisoners; prison, street and church ministry; crime prevention assemblies; referral services; coffee house, street, and prison ministry training.   

National Network of Youth Ministries
National Network of Youth Ministries links youth workers for encouragement, spiritual growth, and sharing resources to reach and disciple every teenager.  

New Student Worship Resources from The Worship Training Center - music resource and training kit
The Worship Training Center, Inc. and Word Records have teamed up to equip students and student leaders with the latest in professionally produced music and teaching materials. The Student Worship Collection-Volume One will give you the music and teaching tools you need to lead your students in a multitude of ministry settings. There are hundreds of students groups already using the SWC kit. Come see why this is not your ordinary student worship kit! Look for it in your local Christian bookstore this Spring or order it now direct from The Worship Training Center!  

NewLife Industries Christian T-shirts
New Life Industries produces high quality/low priced Christian T-shirts and sweatshirts for youth groups, churches, drama, music, childrens and other ministries. Personalization available. Excellent fund raising resource for choirs and other church groups.   

North American Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention
World Changers seeks to provide Christian youth and adults with practical learning experiences that teach servanthood and lead to a personal commitment to missions involvement.  

Northern Grace Youth Camp
An information resource of Northern Grace Youth Camp for anyone interested in Christian Camping and retreats.  

On Fire Victoria - Christian Revival Crusade Youth
... Enable relationships to develop and grow in order for hearts to be on fire for God. (Romans 12:11)  

Open Air Campaigners
Open Air Campaigners is an international missionary society which specialises in taking the Gospel to people where they are. We currently work in over twenty nations, including virtually every county in Europe. There is only one Gospel, but there are many ways of presenting it! We use a variety of methods to challenge people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Many of those reached have had little or no contact with the Church.  

Open Door Ministries. God can set YOU free!
I was locked up, cursed, drugged, certified in a mental hospital for years. And God healed and delivered me, enabling me to be Free To Live. I was tormented, suicidal, violent, lonely. He gave me peace of mind, changed my misery to joy. He restored me to total health, amd now I am married with two children. Jesus is now using me to help others with both mental and physical problems. He can help you, He wants to help you, He wants to give you assurance of eternal life, heal you, deliver you, give you a fresh start. You can trust Him.  

Operation Stitches - A National Childrens Outreach
Operation STITCHES is a nation-wide networking outreach spanning across 10 states, with 23 outreaches strong from the West Coast of California to the East Coast of Washington D.C.. The STITCHES program has many facets from teaching Bible truths to meeting a childs physical needs through food, clothes, and toy give aways.  


Orthodox Youth
Orthodox Youth provides information and resources to children, teens, college students, parents, youth workers, clergy and others.  

Pilots For Christ, International
We are Pilots For Christ. We use our love of flying to spead the Gospel of Christ. Our areas of service are; Councel and instruct youth groups about flying, Fly missions of mercy, Transport patients, relatives, and supplies, Transport ministers to their mission stations, Witness at air shows, airports, and in our daily lives. We represent most Christian denominations. We have all accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, and leave our differences to our Heavenly Father.  

Pioneer Clubs
Pioneer Clubs is a dynamic Christ-centered weekday program for children ages 2 through high school sponsored by local churches in an effort to teach Christ in every phase of life. Skillfully designed materials help volunteer leaders present Christian values through Bible studies, Bible memorization, skill building activities, games, singing, and much more.  

Planète Scouts de France
This is the official website of the French Catholic Scouts - Voici le site officiel des Scouts catholiques français - Les Scouts de France - In french - en français   

Puppet Place, The - Jim Smith Productions
We are one of the internets largest puppet and performance supplier. We carry hundreds of products at the cheapest prices around. Please visit our website and don;t hesitate to call!  

Puppets Are People Too
Help and resources for puppeteers and puppet troupe leaders.  

Pure-heart Drama
Pure-hear Drama is a Christian Drama Ministry which performs mime in Churches, Youth-Groups, and Schools in the Eastern USA and in England. We exist to glorify God and to proclaim His name and power anywhere and everywhere we get a chance. Our performances last anywhere from 5 minutes to one-and-a-half hours, and are based on mime choreographed to Contemporary Christian music.  

PYA The Leadership Conference
Presbyterian Youth in America is an organization which hosts leadership conferences each summer for young people entering grade 10 - first year of college. The week long conferences provide intensive training in leadership and spiritual growth, with an emphasis on practical application of Christian principles.  

Ranger DJs Royal Ranger Web Site
This site is dedicated towards promoting the Royal Ranger program across the globe. The goal of Royal Rangers is to Reach, Teach, and Keep boys and girls for Jesus Christ.   

Reach Out Ministries
Reach Out Ministries equips youth workers around the world to influence as many students as possible to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Many free articles and resources to aid youth workers in enhancing their ministry to youth.  


Reaching Generation X for Jesus
These pages are dedicated to researching, understanding and discussing the various generations of young people growing up in today's world. This begins with the so-called Baby Busters, or Generation X, who were born between 1961 and 1982. The Millenial generation, or Generation Y, follows, with those born between 1982 and about 2003. After them will come a generation of Adaptives, or Generation Z, who will be born between about 2003 and 2025.  

Reaching Generation X for Jesus
Thoughts, reflections and essays on how to reach the generation known as Generation X (those born between 1965 and 1985 - also known as the Thirteenth Generation, and Baby Busters) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Real Freedom Youth Workers Exchange
A page of resources for youthworkers. Includes resources links, music resources, Nazarene links, youth games and more.  

Redemption, the collecible trading card game, and other resources
Redemption is a collectible trading card game based on the Bible. It is intended for players ages 7 and up. It is an exciting game, and a great way to witness, learn about the Bible and its peoples, discipline, stategy and have fun, all while maintaining a pure atmosphere, unlike other collectible card games out there. This highly successful game, and its site, draw many people. We support FAQ, a players list, rules, links, contests, help, upcoming events, special announcements and much more! You may also order products from our on-line dealer.  

Reflections Ministry
This is a inner-city teen ministry outreach by Revs. Alan and Mary Payne where teens can come for shelter, food and clothing. There will be a clothes closet and food pantry for them.  

Rendezvous is a parachurch organization directed at helping teens meet Christ and grow in him to Christian maturity. To that end Rendezvous plans enjoyable events where the staff can have contact for one-on-one or group discussions that will encourage teens to move to the next level of Christian maturity.  

Rendezvous, The
This is a free on-line counseling resource. There are anonymous threaded discussions where people can ask and respond to questions. Additional counselors and authors that fit the theme of this site are welcome. There are also considerable educational resources.   

Reviving This Generation Ministries
Reviving This Genration Ministries is committed to seeing revival among the youth of this world. We believe God is raising up a prophetic generation of young people that will fulfill the promise of Acts 2:17: "...I will pour out My Spirit...your sons and daughters shall prophesy..." Reviving This Generation Ministries can assist you to fulfill God's call upon our young people. By preaching the uncompromised word of God, young people will respond as they see their destiny and calling in Christ. The Holy Spirit is looking for a people who will take Him at His word and allow Him to manifest His Grace and Power. Our web site at, will give you a better idea about our ministry.   

Rockford Master's Commission
Rockford Master's Commission is an INTENSE 9 month discipleship program designed to cultivate a radical new generation of Christian leaders and ministers. This program focuses on the person of Jesus Christ first, and then on interpersonal relationships, as well as cutting edge ministry training at the Rockford training center (also the location of Jeanne Mayo's 1,000 member youth ministry). THe students come and experience Jesus face to face and they are never the same again! We believe that this world needs a Radical new breed of ministers who truly know Jesus and also know how to effectively communicate to Generation X!!  

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries
Provides practical answers to real life issues. This site contains helpful information about issues that affect your life the most: Relationships, family, parenting, stress, sex, and more. Based on material written by international author, speaker, and radio host Ron Hutchcraft. Features to this site include the contemporary Gospel presentation, "Yours for Life", Life Issues, A Word with You radio broadcast (Real Audio), "On Eagles Wings" Native American ministry, Alive! with Ron Hutchcraft youth broadcast, Resources for You, and more!  


Rugged Records
Rugged Records is a Christian alternative and hard rock and roll music record label.   

S.W.A.T. Ministries - Spiritual Warfare Advanced Training
S.W.A.T. (Spiritual Warfare Advanced Training) trains kids and teens to pray, worship, and operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  

Saint Mary's Press
Saint Mary's Press is a contemporary expression of the Catholic church's mission to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and the mission of the De La Salle Christian Brothers to provide a human and Christian education to young people. It dates from 1943, when Brother Alphonsus Pluth, FSC, began publishing high school religion resources. MISSION: Our mission is to significantly advance the ministry of sharing the Good News among youth, churched and unchurched, employing all appropriate settings, means, and media. OBJECTIVES: In pursuit of this mission and ministry, we at Saint Mary's Press strive to accomplish the following objectives: To create materials and services that engage the audiences' hearts as well as their minds, and that affirm personal spirituality while encouraging active involvement in the life of the church. To produce timely, effective, attractive, and durable materials that are economical and environmentally friendly. To market our materials and services as widely as possible, and to sell our materials and services at fair prices that allow us to continue to pursue our mission. To foster the personal well-being and professional growth of our employees.  

Scripture Memory - Memlok PC Memlok Bible Memory
Scripture Memory on business card or computer. A word picture for the first key words starts you 4 versions 48 topics 700 verses Used by 60,000 kids 2-92 Over 50 items on Free Stuff page. Bible memory can be fun, is only 5 minutes a day-weekends off. Recommended by THE NAVIGATOR'S Hal Jensen, Mary Pride & Cathy Duffy.  

See You After the Pole
VITAL LINC is Student Venture's volunteer-led, staff-guided high school strategy that assists people from all over the world develop programs that help junior high and high school students with the spiritual dimension of their life. VITAL LINC will give you the training, tools, and the encouragement necessary to reach out to students on junior and senior high school campuses in your community. Contact us at or call us at 1-800-789-LINC (5462), if you or someone you know would like to work with students.   

Seeds Christian Tracts
We have over 70 free Christian tracts that you can download, edit and print on your own computer. Also illustrated Bible teachings. Be your own Christian tract publisher!SELK - Jugendarbeit Niedersachsen West / Youthgroup of a German church  

Sermons from Science
The home page of Sermons from Science-- exciting, live science demonstrations that illustrate Biblical truth and spiritual principles... a touring series using natural law to demonstrate the reality of faith and the new birth.  

Shadow Mountain Community Church Student Ministries
Small groups are the key to student ministries. Yet so many have tried and failed to put them into effective use. The New Testament church model is clear, but how does it apply to youth? If students come to "Youth Group" they usually come because there is an excellent "entertainment" based program for them. So, then the important question a youth minister asks himself is: "what do they go home with?" ENTERTAINMENT. "Platoons" are a care-based "Student Led" Bible study that meet in individual student homes and each are "Coached" BY A TRAINED ADULT STAFF.  

Sharp Youth Ministry Connection, The
A great site with all kinds of cool Youth Ministry Resources and Helps.  

Shepherd Boy Publications Inc.
Custom t-shirts and graphic design for Christian organizations.  


Shine OnLine
Shine is the newsletter published by OutBreak Youth Church, the youth group of Oakbrook Christian Center. Articles, poetry, and general happenings. Check it out!  

Short-term Urban Missions Directory
The IUGM's annual Short-term Urban Missions Directory offers hundreds of paid and volunteer opportunities for both individuals and groups with inner city ministries throughout North America.  

Snow Creek Ministries, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Snow Creek Ministries is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to teaching and promoting chastity and sexual purity for teens and young adults by seeking a committed and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and His Body of believers. We provide seminars, multimedia presentations, workshops, camps, and retreats for ages 12 on up.  

SpiritualWear - Christian Activewear
A new Christian web site featuring adult and youth activewear screen printed and embroidered with religious graphics and messages. We carry top quality t-shirts, hats, jackets, sweatshirts, dress ties, mouse pads and more. We also produce custom embroidery and scrren printing and can put your church or organization's logo on any of our garments. Call us about our fund raising programs on our preprinted lines or your custom designs. We have a talented in-house art department that can bring your message to life.  

Sports Ambassadors
Since 1952 over 2,000 athletes have played over 5,000 games in 65 countries and presented the gospel to over ten million people in person and millions more through radio and TV. A ministry of OC International.  

Starfire Flying Club
Christian Aviation Excitement  

Stichting Chris homepage
Stichting Chris is an organization which helps children and teenagers in the Netherlands and Belgium  

Stuyvesant High School Seekers
The Christian Seekers! We meet behind the 1st Floor Theater on Thurdays at Stuyvesant High School. We seek to know God through our personal relations hips with God. Although we are mostly "Christian" seekers, non-Christians are welcome to attend our meetings to hear about and question who God is, why we are here, what life is all about, and what's the big deal with a man who died on a cross 2,000 years ago. As a "FELLOWSHIP," we acknowledege each other as brothers and sisters and take time to care, encourage, support, nurture, love, and rebuke one another. Our mission is twofold. We seek to bring the Christians together for fellowship, Bible study, and worship. We also seek to reach out to other Stuy students and teachers - that through our lives, actions, and words, they may know what true, day-to-day Christianity is really all about.  

T. Shertman-Gentleman Shirt Farmer
Christian tshirts...LOTS OF THEM!! Contests and lots of cool stuff to explore.   

Teen Mania Ministries
To initiate, facilitate, and sustain a massive movement of young people from all over the world for strategic short and long term missions endeavors by: 1.Enlightening, 2.Motivating, 3.Providing Opportunity, and 4.Plugging them in for life. Teen Mania Ministries also produces the regional Acquire The Fire Youth conventions. Ron Luce, Teen Mania's President, hits teens hard with topics that challenge their Christianity, and personal growth.  


Teens For Christ Serving Whatcom County
Teens for Christ is an organization developed to bring the teens of Whatcom County a resource they can turn to for help, guidance and friendship. Helping them learn to minister and stand strong in todays society.  

TENTMAKERS Youth Ministry
TENTMAKERS Youth Ministry, a youth ministry program based in the Midwest, is committed to training potential youth leaders and providing qualified candidates to interview with congregations and communities where there is an appropriate doctrinal match.  

Touch The World Youth Ministries
TTW seeks to give teens and pre-teens an experience with God by taking them on short term mission trips where they will experience the power of God firsthand. We provide individual opportunities for young people who come without a church and group opportunities for those youth workers seeking an experience for their whole group. We host trips in the continental U.S. as well as abroad.  

True Tunes Etc.
Your source for Christian music on the Web! Read feature stories and reviews; browse over our extensive online music catalog.  

Twist Of Faith Productions
Youth based Outreach ministry that uses music and events to reach those aged 12-35 with the message of God's love.  

Veggietales ROCs
Come joing Bob, Larry and the other bunch of veggies. Sound, pictures and video clips are available for download.  

Vision Video
We are now in our twenty-third year of providing Christian films. We began as Gateway Films, and as video slowly came on the scene, we started Vision Video to explore this new medium. As things developed, Vision Video became our distribution arm and Gateway Films our production side, thus the reason for the two names in our title. From the beginning our purpose has been to present material for the screen that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how His Gospel addresses our lives and the world today.  

Wave, The
The Wave is your spot to find out about cool youth and mission books by best-selling Christian author Kevin Johnson. Giveaways and more.  

West Texas Messengers of Peace/Rudy Gates
See some Youth in Christ in Action in West Texas. We have game ideas, skits, photos, and a local church directory if you are going to visist the El paso Texas Area!  

Why? - Science and Your Life
Our universe and human beings were created by God. Dr. Tsukioka, ex-lecturer of Yamagata University in Japan and a Christian, tells about God's creation.  


Wilderness Ministries
The Official Web Site of Winkie Pratney. Read or dowload Winkie's exciting new book for Gen-X kids, "The Daniel Files." Also many Discipleship Training Materials.   

WisdomWorks Ministries
Teaching life from God's perspective. The new teaching ministry of Mark Matlock.   

Word of God
"The Word of God" is a web-based evangelism and discipleship ministry on the Internet. Subtitled "The On-line Christian Ministry for a New Generation", "The Word of God" believes that this Generation of young people are being called by God for incredible work of evangelism and world renewel.  

WWJD - The Youth Devotional Series
A one-year, chronological walk through the life of Jesus in a daily devotional series aimed at teaching Christian young people to become more like Christ.  

WWJD? - Creative Graphics
WWJD? and other products used for evangelism, fundraising, and gifts to encourage Christian growth.  

Young Life Ministries
Young Life is a high school ministry whose goal is to introduce Christ’s love to students who otherwise might not be exposed to such a message. As more and more students go to college and get introduced to the Internet, et al., it is our mission to give them (and you!) a way to keep up/stay involved with Young Life.  

Youth Assistant
Best Youth Ministry Software on the market. Our goal is to help organize youth pastors so they can spend more time with their youth!  

Youth Dynamics
Today, we continue to seek new opportunities to minister to the lives of young people, pursuing still the vision God has placed before us, that of helping to reach and disciple a new generation for Christ.  

Youth Focus a christian magazine focusing the youths.

Youth For Christ
Youth for Christ exists to communicate the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to every young person.  


Youth for Christ
As part of the body of Christ, our vision is to see every young person in every people group in every nation have the opportunity to make an informed decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ and become a part of a local church.  

Youth For Christ - Tulare/Kings Co. California
A locally owned ministry affiliated with Youth For Christ/USA. Our mission is to communicate the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to every young person possible. Through friendship evangelism, a weekly radio Talk show entitled HEART2HEART heard on KDUV 88.9fm & 100.3fm, Divorce Recovery Groups on campus at local High Schools for the past ten years, speaking at Camps, schools and youth groups, two drop-in centers and community youth advocacy.  

Youth Innovations Home Page
Youth Innovations is a youth ministry resource organization.  

Youth LinC Directory
A directory for those involved in ministry with youth.  

Youth Ministries of the So Cal District of Foursquare Churches
SC4Y is the youth ministry department of the So Cal District of Foursquare Churches. We exist to serve the needs of our 230+ local churches as they evangelize and disciple jr. and sr. highers.  

Youth Ministry Central
Youth Specialties' comprehensive list of Web sites of interest to youth ministers. Includes links to youth ministry resources, youth groups with Web sites, Christian youth organizations, Web sites for students, pop culture sites, Christian music, and more.   

Youth Ministry Connection
A site that is dedicated to helping those who work with Youth in a Christian enviroment. Providing resources, prayer support, helps, links and a network!  

Youth Ministry Forum
A world-wide community of Christian youth workers who advise, encourage, and educate each other through an e-mail discussion list and web-based message boards.  

Youth Ministry Quarterly
This is a quarterly magazine for youth workers to take a look through and glean a few ideas. Youth Leaders may also want to contribute a program and/or game idea to the page so that others may benefit from your knowledge of Youth Ministry.  

Youth Ministry Resources
Youth Ministry Resources provides exciting, relevant youth conferences grab the attention of youth, using the latest video, audio, and lighting technology and the best speakers and musicians.  


Youth Ministry Stuff Ltd.
To provide today's youth workers with current, relevant, exciting, dynamic, on the edge resources and ideas.  

Youth Specialties
For 28 years Youth Specialties has worked alongside Christian youth workers of just about every denomination and youth-serving organization. We're here to help you, whether you're brand new to youth ministry or a veteran, whether you're a volunteer or a career youth pastor. Each year we serve more than 80,000 youth workers worldwide through our training seminars, conventions, videos, magazines, and resource products.  

Youth With A Mission North America - YWAM Salem, Oregon
Amdo, Tibetans, Niko, Roupes Course, YWAM, Oregon, International Studentes, Mission Adventures, Discipleship, Outreaches, China, India, DTS, IBC, SOFM, SALT, Unreached People Goups, Youth With A Mission, Salem, Staff Positions, Mobilization, 10/40 Window   

YouthFire - An Outreach To Hurting Kids
YouthFire is an outreach to hurting kids and at risk youth, especailly those who have been sexually abused, or are involved in teh occult and satanism. YouthFire has a vast resourece of books, literature and tapes on these and other subjects, as well as a monthly newsletter named, "Things As They Are" which covers a wide variety of current topics. YouthFire director Gregory Reid is an ordained minister with American Evangelistic Association, a P.I., and trainer for law enforcecment and probation officers on cult crimes and sexual abuse of boys. He is the author of nine self-published books, including Nobody\'s Angel, an autobigraphical account of satanic abuse, occult bondage and redemption through Jesus. Mr Reid is also a seasoned youth worker with over 27 years experience with kids. YouthFire is a nonprofit ministry.  

The Internet's #1 Youth Pastor Resource for lessons, ministries, contacts, and sending email.  

Youthwork Magazine
Youthwork magazine, resources & guidance for youth ministry  

YS Store, The
The YS Store is the place to go for your youth ministry resource needs. You'll find all of Youth Specialties' products, plus online ordering, FREE samples, and professional advice to help you minister to youth more creatively and effectively.  

YWAM England Youth Ministries
Youth Ministries of YWAM England is devoted to helping you in your youth ministry. We offer training, consultancy and resources in youth cell.  

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