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  1. Angel Realm/David R. Van Slyke
    Angel Realm is home to a collection of encouraging, inspiring and uplifting essays by a number of
    Christian writers. Our mission is to preach the Word, as directed in 2 Timothy 4:1-5.  

  2. Areopagus Publications
    Special interest magazine for
    Christian Writers plus other publications  

  3. BlueJay Publications
    Web site for Bible study material, booklets,
    Christian writers, Christian ham radio operators, web page/site development and design, virtual web server hosting.  

  4. Christian Gazette
    The Christian Gazette was designed to put the work of
    Christian writers and authors on the internet for the purpose of giving inspirational reading, hope for the Christian community and the world and to lead others to know the Savior, or to know Him better. We try to address the issues of handling stress, and grief. How God uses angels to support His work on earth. Ministering through writing and submitted work by other Christian poets and writers.  

  5. Christian Internet Publishing - Articles
    We publish free Christian articles on the web by various
    Christian writers such as Henry Dubose, Prof.M.M.Ninan,Carl Phillips, Rev. Thomas P azar, Betty Hamalainen and John Mckissack We have a CHURCH ON THE NET Pastor Rick Williams from the Hillcrest Bible Baptist Church in Arkansas City, Kansas each week sends us his Sunday sermons. The sermons posted during the past two months include: The Secrets Out, A Parable of the Candles, Wood in the Carpenter's Hand, Friendly Fire, Basic Training, Gimmie,The Fun Run, The Glorious Church,The Thief in the Night,Preserved ,Where's your Future  

  6. Christian Quotation of the Day
    A daily thought-provoking, challenging, or inspiring quotation drawn from a very broad selection of
    Christian writers and thinkers, accompanied by an indexed archive. Also available via email.  

  7. Christian Writer's Group
    Are you having trouble defining "write" from wrong? Bring your questions to CWG and find the answers. Get some great "Tips and Hints from the Professionals," browse the resource rack and receive encouragement to continue what you've already started, either on paper or simply in your mind. If you're interested, you can join their discussion list and meet other
    Christian writers to share struggles and successes in your writing.  

  8. Christian Writers Fellowship International
    Christian Writers Fellowship International (CWFI) is a multi-service organization for Christians in publishing.  

  9. Christian Writers Fellowship International
    The Writer's Study/CWFI is the place for all Christians who are writers, from novelists to newspaper reporters, from experienced to wannabe, to come and share their experiences and learn more about their craft.

  10. Christian Writers for a Secular Marketplace
    Christian Writer for secular marketplace

  11. Communique': A Quarterly Digital Journal
    Communiqué: A Quarterly Journal is a digital and printed forum primarily for
    Christian writers & artists whose work deals with issues pertinent to the intersections of their art, faith, culture and community.  

  12. Endtimes Arts/Music Zine
    endtimes is a free zine published in adelaide, australia. our aim is to expose
    christian writers and musicians to non-christians and give a message of hope.  

  13. Florida Christian Writers Conference
    Christian Writers Conference: Come join us for workshops, continuing classes, and unsurpassed market opportunities for Christian writers!  

  14. Four States Christian Writers Guild
    We are a non-profit group of wannabe authors and illistrators banded together for individual support. Our mission with our newsletter is to publish our memberships writtings, Our web site is designed to spread the gospel by making our newsletter as public and wide spread as possible.

  15. Gin's Place
    This site is a personal page I started to encourage other
    Christian writers. I hope to continue adding resources and information geared speficially towards Chrisitan authors over time.  

  16. Golden Morning Publishing/Leona Choy Publications
    Christian books authored by Leona Choy:President of Southern Light Gospel Music Network (WTRM-FM), Editorial Director of Golden Morning Publishing, missionary, speaker, seminar and workshop leader for
    Christian writers conferences and churches. Links to book reviews and scanned covers of current titles. Bio and photo of author. All titles evangelical and written to assist Christians in spiritual growth and especially help them adjust triumphantly through illness and loss of spouse. Her books related to China are authoritative, up-to-date, based on firsthand experience and relevant to what is currently happening in China.  

  17. HeavenTek
    HeavenTek is a magazine devoted to publishing
    Christian writers of all ages. Proclamation is our adult literature magazine publishing anything from articles to poetry. Circle J is our youth magazine, featuring articles for teen writers, music reviews, and other literature. Little Heroes is our children's mag. that publishes short stories, poetry, and artwork on the WWW Refrigerator of Art. Multitude of Heavenly Hosts is our Christian music magazine featuring little known bands and samples of their music. We are always looking for Christian bands to put up so if you are interested, check out our site.  

  18. Howard Publishing Company, Inc.
    Howard Publishing Company, Inc. is a publisher of Christian devotional and inspirational books and music. Howard Publishing's mission is to increase faith in the hearts of growing Christians, inspire holiness in the lives of believers, and instill hope in the hearts of struggling people everywhere, because He's coming again! Our authors represent a broad base of popular
    Christian writers. We take great pride in publishing high-quality books that are both beautiful to look at and life changing when read. Our books are available in Christian bookstores as well as at our web-site. Click here and check out our wonderful selection!  

  19. Janelle's Personal Page
    It is my desire to reach the lost for Christ through my pages, and to empower
    Christian Writers, I am also building a links page for Homeschooler and Writers as well as links to web design resources. I am a born again Christian and believe that God has called me to share the wonderful news that Christ has payed the penalty for our sins, all we need to do is believe and recieve that awesome gift!  

  20. Kingdom Writers
    Kingdom Writers is an online critique and fellowship group for
    Christian writers.