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Action Ministries Houston, Texas
Action Ministries Houston serves the Houston community with food, clothes, and other outreaches.  

ACTS: Alaska Coastal Testament Seafood Inc.
Alaska Coastal Testament Seafood Inc.(ACTS) is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to acquire Alaskan seafood products through charitable gifts and State of Alaska programs, while training young people in the acquisition, processing, and distribution of this seafood in an effort to stem worldwide hunger.  

Africa Christian LOVE IN ACTION
Africa Christian Love In Action provides personal delivery of relief aide directly to war, persecution, and famine victims in disaster areas of South Africa, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Africa, specializing in Sudan, providing medical supplies, food, seed, tools, Bibles, evangelizing. Web site providing current Sudan news, Sudan persecuted Christian updates, and Sudan famine updates.  

Aid Association for Lutherans Volunteer Opportunities (AAL)
AAL is a fraternal benefit society of Lutherans joined together for insurance, investment, educational and volunteer opportunities.  

American Leprosy Missions
For over 90 years ALM has reached out to those affected by leprosy offering cure and care in a holistic approach. We work in 30 countries bringing physical and spiritual healing in the name of Jesus Christ.  

AMG International
A Christian humanitarian organization ministering to needy people in 47 countries. Bible & book publishers. Pulpit helps.  

Bangkla Baptist Hospital (Thailand)
Bangkla Baptist Hospital is a small mission hospital under the control of the Thailand Baptist Churches Foundation and affilated with the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. Our primary purpose is to show the love of Jesus Christ to the people of Thailand using healing and health ministry as a vehicle. We now minister to about 30,000 outpatients per year and 4,000 inpatients per year. We have 4 physicians, all Christians, 2 being missionaries with the SBC FMB and 2 are Thai Baptist physicians. We are located in East Central Thailand about 100 kilometers east of Bangkok. Hospital email address: Director John O. Gibson, MD (furlough address: Thank you for your support and prayers,  

Baptist World Aid (BWAid)
Baptist World Aid is the compassionate arm of the Baptist World Alliance, supporting three areas of ministry - Disaster Relief, Development and Fellowship Assistance.  

Bigheart Ministries
Bigheart Ministries: We love people! We are a non-profit, non-denominational Christian ministry. Throughout the last 18 years of dedicated service, tens of thousand of people have been helped with food, clothing, transportation, money rents, utilities and medical needs. Hundreds of needy families have found full-time employment through our efforts.   

BJEA Haiti Missions
We believe in a hands on personal mission work. A mission work that works side by side with the people. A mission without walls or barriers that separate missionaries from the people they are reaching out to. We work as a team with churches and individuals to evangelize and assist small struggling churches in Haiti. Together we are the missionary team, your church, your people, our people and the Native Pastors. Equal members working toward a higher calling.  


Blythswood is an evangelical charity which distributes Bibles and Christian Literature throught the world. We also are involved in distributing Christian aid to Eastern Europe. Our work is focused on: Romania, Albania, former Yugoslavia, Nigeria and the UK   

Bread for the World
Bread for the World is a nationwide Christian movement that seeks justice for the world's hungry people by lobbying our nation's decision makers  

BrokenStone Ministries
The mission of BrokenStone Ministries is to help meet the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs of individuals and families by inspiring faith, hope, and personal motivation.  

Cambodian Outreach Project
The Cambodian Outreach Project ministers to neglected children.  

Cameron Clay House
Cameron Clay House's purpose is to provide a nuturing and supportive Christian home enviroment for homeless young men and women while they finish their high school education.   

Caring Place, The
A Christian Relief organization, helping others locally and world wide  

Child America
Child America is a non-profit charity dedicated to the children of America. We help through food, clothing, school needs, etc.  

Children International
Children International is the place where miracles happen everyday. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the basic necessities of life to children living in severe poverty throughout the world. Children International helps children in the United States, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala and India.  

Children's Cup International Relief
Touching The World From The Heart Of America Taking God's love into the hard places of the world.  

Childrens' Hunger Fund
Children's Hunger Fund is an exciting, dynamic organization that is meeting the needs of impoverished children around the world.
International relief agency with maximum Christian objectives Founder has directed missions projects in 53 countries. Current emphasis Vietnam and Southern Africa   

Christian Appalachian Project
(CAP) is a non profit, inter-denominational service organization that operates in the Appalachian region of eastern Kentucky. CAP works with people at different levels of poverty and seeks to involve all the people of Appalachia in this cause, serving without discrimination. CAP works in many fields (social, economic, spiritual) and seeks to affect the root causes of problems as well as day-to-day needs. In all cases, CAP seeks to avoid giveaways and to encourage people to find the solutions to their own problems. With the help of hardworking employees and volunteers, and loyal financial donors, CAP is able to directly serve more than 50,000 people a year.  

Christian Disaster Response is a church based mission program for local churches. Providing disaster ministries training, volunteer disaster relief services for churches affected by disasters such as, hurricanes, floods, fires, and other natural and man made disasters. Web site tells all about our Mission Program and keep the church community informed about disaster response.  

Christian Medical and Welfare Mission
We are currently sending to North Korea medical equipment, medicines, and food. A lot of North Koreans are dying of diseases and famine. If you want to help them, you are a good Samaritan! Please share your love with them!  

Christian Medical Fellowship
An interdenominational organisation of over 4,500 Christian doctors throughout the UK and Ireland with aims of Christian fellowship, ethics, evangelism, literature, student ministry and medical mission in order to promote the advancement of Christ's Kingdom in Healthcare and serve his church worldwide.  

Christian Relief Services
Food, water, housing, medicine, the most basic needs. We're attacking poverty, serving Appalachian poor, American Indians, disaster victims and Haiti and Kenya orphanages.   

Christian World Adoption
Christian World Adoption is an international adoption agency with programs in six countries. We are looking for good home for God's Children.  

ChristNet is a organization of churches that minister by putting needed items into the hands of the needy.  

Church World Service/CROP
Church World Service is a ministry of the National Council of Churches of Christ In the USA. In partnership with indigenous organizations in more than 80 countries, CWS supports sustainable self-help development, meets emergency needs, and helps address the root causes of poverty and powerlessness. Within the US, Church World Service assists communities in responding to disasters, resettles refugees, promotes fair national and international policies, provides educational resources, and offers opportunities to join a people-to-people network of local and global caring through participation in CROP Walks, the CWS Blanket, Kit, and Layette Program and the Tools of Hope Program. CROP is the name given to community-wide hunger education and fund raising events sponsored by Church World Service and organized by 24 CWS/CROP Regional Offices nationwide.  

Clarksburg Mission Inc.
The Clarksburg Mission Inc., is a Christian based, not-for-profit homeless shelter that is entering into it's 29th year of serving the poor and homeless. We serve 3 meals each day (Mon.-Sat.) and 2 meals on Sunday's. There are 21 beds in the mens dorm and 13 beds in the womens dorm. In the near future, we will have 5 efficiency apartments and 2 family units available for transitional housing. Along with class rooms and a library. The purpose of the Clarksburg Mission Inc. having a Web-Site is to share with all interested people about the Mission and how it serves the poor & homeless folks that walk through its doors. If the LORD so leads, we may be able to receive additional financial support and/or prayer partners.  


Cleaford Pages
We are a British charity working to support the church in Brasvo, Romania.  

Compassion International
Compassion is a Christian, evangelical child development ministry assisting over 200,000 children in 21 countries, including the United States. In response to the Great Commission, Compassion International exists as an advocate for children to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults.  

Convoy of Hope
Convoy of Hope helping the needy around America by giving away free groceries and Gospel to the poor and hurting.  

Creative Ministries
Creative Ministries is a non-profit Christian organization that provides love, care, and a positive witness through unique social ministries.  

CWA Foundation
The CWA Foundation exists to help feed, clothe, medicate, educate, and care for children of the world without regard for their color or class, based on the teachings and love of our Lord  

Disaster Relief Bulletin Board for Honduras/Central America

Disaster Response Information Network
U.S. faith-based disaster relief and response news and information.  

Established in 1982, the Fresno Food Bank is a nonprofit distributor of surplus food. Surplus food may consist of mislabeled product, overstocked items, day-old bread and fresh, but slightly blemished, fruit received from growers, packers and shippers. Located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, the Fresno Food Bank has access to one of the richest and most diverse growing areas in the country and perhaps the world. This enables the Fresno Food Bank to access large quantities of fresh fruit, including peaches, plums and nectarines donated by growers of the California Tree Fruit Agreement (CTFA).   

Drought Floods & Prayer
Information for those interested in, or interceding for, farmers and the land.   

Eastern European Outreach
At Eastern European Outreach we are committed to the Great Commission by partnering with churches and Christians throughout the former Soviet Union, Albania, Romania and China.Through strategic partnerships and direct ministry programs we seek to feed both body and soul in the traditional Orthodox countries of Eastern Europe. In doing so, we reap a two-fold harvest wherein we earn the right to share the Gospel by meeting physical needs and in the process have obeyed Jesus'command in Matthew 25:31-46.  


ELCA World Hunger Program
The ELCA World Hunger Program helps people help themselves through emergency relief and long-term development in the United States and abroad. The ELCA works through many partners including Lutheran World Relief and the Lutheran World Federation. In addition, hunger education, advocacy, and stewardship of resources are important aspects of the ELCA World Hunger Program.  

Episcopal Community Services, San Diego, CA
Founded in 1927, with the belief that all people are created by God with value and dignity, Episcopal Community Services' (ECS) mission is to offer help, hope and healing to those most alienated from our community.  

Exodus International
Exodus International is a worldwide organization which proclaims that freedom from homosexuality is possible through the power of Jesus Christ. We have 90 local agencies throughout North America, plus several dozen agencies overseas. Our headquarters office offers free information on our ministry, including book lists, tape and video order forms, books, newsletters, list of local agencies, and other resources for men and women struggling to get free of homosexuality, plus information for family members and friends. We are the largest "ex-gay" ministry in the world.  

FCM International
FCM International cares for the children of Guatemala, Mexico and other countries.   

First Love Ministries Inc.
First Love is an outreach that takes people from all walks of life for all reasons and helps them to make the changes they need for a total new life. First Love takes people for a minimum of 1 year and is a long term life rehab. center. FLM has no charge for its services.  

FLORESTA -- Healing The Land And Its People
Floresta's mission is to attack the environmental/economic problems in developing countries that cause and are caused by deforestation. As evidence of Christ's love and our response to it, Floresta brings long term opportunity to the poor affected by these problems through technically appropriate, business-based programs that lead to self-sufficiency. Floresta is currently working in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Oaxaca, Mexico.  

Fort Myers Rescue Mission
The Fort Myers Rescue Mission is dedicated to lifting up Jesus to the homeless and helpless.  

General Board of Global Ministries, The United Methodist Church
UMCOR is the official relief agency for The United Methodist Church. It is at work throughout the world as needs arrive, from Armenia to Zaire. One hundred percent of what you give to UMCOR's relief work goes to the people/project itself. UMCOR's other costs are paid for through the United Methodist One Great Hour of Sharing. UMCOR does emergency response work. For the latest news, see its UMCOR Hotline at: UMCOR also has ongoing work with refugee concerns, hunger and poverty. UMCOR works ecumenically and also with the Red Cross and FEMA with whom it has mutual agreements for a coordination of efforts to provide humanitarian assistance during disaster or emergency situations.  

General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church
The General Board of Global Ministries is the official mission agency of The United Methodist Church. This very large site includes information about mission, relief, mission news, worship resources, links to other United Methodist groups, HIV/AIDS information and memorial pages, and more. New pages are added a few times a week. The UMCOR Hotline is posted weekly or more often, in times of emergency. GBGM also offers free web space to United Methodist churches, districts, annual conferences, and jurisdictions (contact For general contact write:  

Global Outreach Inc., a Christian Mission
Global Outreach, Inc. is a non-profit non-denomanational Christian mission whose purpose it is to aid in the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help the poor and the needy in third-world countries.  


H.E.L.P.S. NET: Having every Life's Provision Supplied/New Life Fellowship
H.E.L.P.S. NET is a diverse ministry which is available to assist all manner of people, from the homeless to the homeowner. We are all part of the Body of Christ . Ephesians 4:16 says that under Christ’s direction “the whole body is fitted together perfectly, and each part in its own special way helps the other parts, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.” H.E.L.P.S. Net is an opportunity to give as well as receive to the edification of the entire Body of Christ! Your abundance or ability can fill the need of another. Please fill out the requested information on the next page. Let us know what you desire to contribute and inform us of your need. The H.E.L.P.S. NET ministry will prayerfully work to fit the two together.  

Haiti Christian Development Fund
The Haiti Christian Development Fund administers a variety of ministries in Fond-des-Blancs, a rural community in southern Haiti. Included are a church, Christian school, credit union, road building and agricultural projects. Sponsorship are available for children in the school, as well as opportunities for churches to send work teams for short-term projects.  

Handicappers Outreach For Christ, Inc
HOFC is a nationwide nursing home ministry. We train committed christians to be effective and compassionate missionaries to the disabled of all ages living in nursing homes. Our volunteer teams have over 8,000 opportunites monthly to share Jesus in our "Share and Prayer" services. We could be in your community if you would invite us. Our Vision "Reaching out to the physically and mentally disabled residents living in nursing homes and bringing them into a beautiful, enjoyable and lasting experience with Jesus Christ". Our Mission "To assimilate the disabled into the family of God, instilling in them a real purpose in their individual environment and involving them in fellowship and worship commensurate with their abilities.  

Happy Horizons Children's Ranch
Happy Horizons Children's Ranch, is a home for "street children." Through its 4 step program, abandoned and abused children are led from the streets to a loving home!   

Heal the Nations Home Page
We are a Christian medical missions organization that fosters community health development for needy people in the world's underseved areas. We are curently involved in India and Africa, and are always looking for individuals to join our team of workers and supporters.   

Help Sister Althea
Help Sister Althea help others, The Hatiti Project, Inc.  

His Touch HIV/AIDS Ministry
His Touch HIV/AIDS Ministries seeks to compassionately demonstrate God's love, grace and mercy to those affected by HIV/AIDS.  

In Jesus Name Ministries
In Jesus' Name helps the Suffering and Pursecuted Church by linking American Christians with needy churches and orphanages in other countries. Also helps orphans by finding sponsors.  

In the Spirit of Jubilee/Jubilee Publishing
Celebrate the new millenium by cancelling poor nation debt in the Spirit of Jubilee (campaign)  

Interfaith Hunger Appeal (IHA)
Interfaith Hunger Appeal (IHA) is a partnership of people and agencies, rooted in faith, who are committed to ending global hunger. This website provides an introduction to our work and the work of our partner agencies to make the everyday reality of hunger a distant memory.  

International Christian Concern--Home Page
ICC is a coalition of concerned Christians who believe that we must reach out and help Christians persecuted for their faith. ICC is not an extension of any foreign organization or church denomination. The more you become familiar with ICC, the more you will realize just how unique and important this ministry is to the body of Christ. We minister to those who are on the front lines of a spiritual battle. These Christians frequently pay a price, sometimes costing them their lives, landing them in prison, and causing much hardship.   

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
In 1980, Christian supporters of Israel established the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem as a practical expression of the desire of many throughout the world to bless and comfort Zion.The Embassy opened after the international community rejected Israel’s declaration of Jerusalem as the Jewish state’s "eternal and indivisible capital", and 13 nations moved their embassies from the city to Tel Aviv. Today, believers everywhere have an embassy representing them in Jerusalem, a channel for international Christian concern and love for Israel.  

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
Against a backdrop of 2,000 years of mistrust and persecution, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews works to promote greater understanding between Jews and Christians and build support for Israel and other shared concerns. On Wings of Eagles enables Christians to play to prophetic role in bringing thousands of Soviet Jews to Israel. The Center for Jewish and Christian Values brings Christians and Jews together to help shape a moral society.  

International Harvest For Souls
We are a non profit christian outreach. We feed and cloth those in need. Harvest has a outrech also in hatti. and we also do local, and national work to help those in need.   

International Teaching Ministry
The Mission of International Teaching Ministry is: To bring people all over the world to a relationship with Jesus Christ and into membership in His family as stated in Matthew 28:18-20. To develop people to a Christlike maturity through studying the Word of God and equipping them for their ministry in the church according to their spiritual gifts and talents. To assist in directing people in a life mission in the world, in order to magnify God's name.  

Jericho Road
Our mission is to provide a means for contacting non-profit, social service organizations and ministries regarding services and volunteer opportunities in your community.   

Jerry Davis Ministries - Good News In Bad News Places
Good News In Bad News Places is is a coordinator of ministries for the purpose of responding to bad news situations featured in the local, national, or international media. The purpose of response is to take the Good News of Jesus into a bad news situation utilizing the spiritual weapons of prayer, praise worship and evangelism. International evangelist Jerry Davis is the founder and international director of the ministry. Every month Jerry leads a Good News Response Team into the hot spots of the world for the purpose of winning lost souls. The most recent response was seen on CNN in a march & prayer rally in front the Japanese embassy in Lima, Peru. Over 2000 christians marched. Good News is currently starting local chapters all over America.  

Jesus Feeds The Hungry is an Ohio non-profit organization that feeds the hungry. Pass out thousands of New Testament Bibles annually. JFTH feeds the body through donations to food banks.  

Joy Junction
Joy Junction is New Mexico's Largest Emergency Homeless Shelter. We are privately funded and never take any money from any branch of government. In addition, we are not United Way members. We are a faith based ministry, and see the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ as an integral part of getting the homeless back on their feet again and reintegrated into mainstream community life">  

Jubilee Campaign - A Vital Voice For Those Suffering in Silence
Jubilee Campaign is an international organization founded to aid those suffering persecution for their faith. The Jubilee Campaign works throughout the world to free people from slavery and persecution. This organization has appeared before the United Nations and in other international forums to aid victims. Jubilee Campaign is a vital voice for those suffering in silence.  


Keith Skillicorn's Leprosy Homepage
This site is designed to challenge persons of compassion to care for leprosy sufferers and other disabled and disadvantaged people. It promotes the Hindi language and the use of Lemnaceae or Duckweed as a medium for the control of waste-water and sewerage  

Kovcheg!/Helping Russian Children
"Kovcheg!" international charitable program is a private initiative of the First United Methodist Church of Ekaterinburg, Russia. The main purpose of the program is to provide financial support for children from poor families of Ekaterinburg, Russia by raising money among churches in US and other countries. The program started on January 7th, 1997 and is brand new.  

Last Days Ministries - Keith Green
This Web site is here to make available to you the life changing message that has come out of Last Days Ministries and the ministries of Keith Green, Melody Green, and their many friends in ministry.  

LifeLine Ministries
LifeLine Ministries is an international network serving God through the provision of * Relief and Development * Resources for Growth * Enabling Ministries It is active in UK, USA, various Caribbean countries, Latvia, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and neighbouring countries. It is involved in literature distribution, leadership training, distributing relief, and sending short service mission teams. It is also working with children traumatised by the recent civil war in Sierra Leone.  

LOVEINC.NET mission statement "... let us not show our Christian love with words only, but let us show our Christian love with real and tangible acts of charity and compassion!" WORLD VISION USA LOVEINC is an interdenominational network of domestic churches & ministries that have networked together to the meet physical, social, economical, as well as, the emotional & spiritual needs of the less fortunate of their communities.LOVEINC GIFTS IN KIND WAREHOUSE located on 80 acres near Lindsay, CA stores emergency relief supplies, blankets, clothing,etc. for distribution to the needy & is also an official 'TOTS FOR TOYS' WAREHOUSE.  

Lutheran World Relief
Lutheran World Relief extends the hand of Christian love to people overcoming poverty and injustice in 50 countries. We work to secure safe water, nutritious food, good health, improved skills and better livelihoods. When disasters strike, LWR provides food, medicine, clothing and shelter. Whatever the task, we act in partnership with local organizations, strengthening communities today and training leaders for tomorrow.   

MAP International

Medical Ministry International Home Page
Medical Ministry International is organized to expressed the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ by caring for the poor who would otherwise have little or no access to medical care.  

Miami Baptist Association
A guide to the Miami Baptist Association ministries and Churches .  

Milwaukee Outreach Center
TMOC is working with area ministries finding creative means of improving the quality of life in our community which includes the redemptive work of Christ that gives people dignity and importance.


Mission In East
Providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine/dental and medical assistance  

New Hope Farms
New Hope Farms is a Christian non-profit organization serving the needs of the developmentally disabled, primarily those with mental retardation. We are a community of Christian group homes providing loving support in a safe rural setting for those age 18 and over. We are planting people for God's harvest. For more information, visit our web site. We are looking for dedicated christians who would like to serve as houseparents as well as residents who may need a place to live.  

Nordic Philippine Services
Nordic Philippine Services informs about Faroese Philippine Services, which helps children of poor Filippino parents to get education and health care through sponsorships, and we send aid to natural disaster victims and build schools. On the site, we provice information in Faroese also, and we have links regarding Philippines, Faroes, Christianity, etc.  

Northwest Mercy Ministries
Northwest Mercy Ministries through its Servant / Leadership Team strategy provides resources, coordination, networking, communications, disaster preparedness, disaster response training.  

Open Door Mission and Lydia House Main Page
The Open Door Mission/Lydia House in Omaha, NE, is a member of the International Union of Gospel Missions, headquartered in Springfield, MO. We are dedicated to providing for short-term needs of the homeless and other needy persons, with shelter, food and clothing. We are dedicated to providing spiritual, physical and emotional help and an opportunity for guests to enter a saving, personal and obedient relationship with Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to providing for long-term needs of guests to develop a Christian lifestyle and become functioning individuals in society. Finally, we strive to present the needs of the homeless and needy to the community to enlist effective help in finding solutions to their problems.  

Partners International
Partners International is your link to effective, grassroots Christian missionaries worldwide. Beginning in China in 1943, Partners was one of the first agencies to start supporting national Christian workers who are reaching the unreached with Christ's love, especially in very poor regions or countries closed to the Gospel. Today we assist over 3200 workers in more than 50 countries. These workers, on average, plant a new church every 15 hours. Partners provides careful screening and monitoring based on over 50 years of experience in partnering with nationals. As a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, Partners International is annually audited by an outside certified public accounting firm.  

Persecution of Christians/International Christian Concern
International Christian Concern (ICC) is an interdenominational,human rights organization whose aim is to assist Christians persecuted for their faith and to safeguard religious liberty worldwide. Concerning the plight of persecuted Christians, ICC raises public awareness, serves as an advocate in Washington, D.C., mobilizes grassroots Christians to action and networks with other agaencies worldwide.  

Philip Cameron Ministries
Information about the worldwide ministry of Scottish missionary-evangelist, Philip Cameron.  

Prison Fellowship/Crime: Where Do We Go From Here?
Prison Fellowship Ministries is: a nonprofit, volunteer-reliant organization focused on one overriding vision: that all those involved in and directly impacted by crime will experience the grace and peace of Jesus Christ. PFM's mission is to exhort, assist, and equip the church in its ministry to prisoners, ex-prisoners, victims, and their families, and in its advancement of biblical standards of justice. To accomplish that mission, PF recruits, trains, and mobilizes volunteers from a variety of denominations and backgrounds to participate in a wide range of in-prison and community programs.  

Pro-Vision is a food ministry of Arleta Fousquare Church in Sun Valley, CA. Founded by Pastor Armondo Portillo, it is growing rapidly.  


Project Compassion
Project Compassion is a non-profit, 501C3, charitable organization whose mission is to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to persons affected by HIV/AIDS. Though we are a ministry of Vineyard Christian Fellowship, receiving pastoral guidance and encouragement, we are a multi-church organization existing to bring Christians together for equipping, nurturing and service opportunities to those with HIV/AIDS. We also provide education on the facts and issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. We have been in existence since 1991 when the Founder reached out to a group of homeless men, women and children infected with HIV living in a shelter. Since then Project Compassion has grown to over 400 supporters helping out through volunteering, donations and prayer support.  

Project Hope - A Whatcom County (Washington) Christian Community Development Organization
Project Hope is a ministry of the Laymen's League for Evangelism, a 501(c)(3) organization. Project Hope's mission and practice is to aid individuals and families in north Whatcom County (Washington) with a variety of physical, social and spiritual resources to ease their plight associated with matters of poverty, crisis or lack of opportunity. We are currently in organizational transition from being solely a "charity", to becoming a more fully orbed Christian Community Development Organization. We center our ministry out of a Reformed perspective of Scripture; and are guided by practices and principles developed by Dr. Marvin Olasky (Center for Effective Compassion); and by Dr. John Perkins (Christian Community Development Association).   

Project Teamwork, Inc.
We are a non-profit Christian organization that ministers in three areas: Disaster Response, Reconstruction, and Community Development. We do this through a Fantastic Staff, and Tons of Volunteers!  

Projeto Casa Esperanca (The House of Hope Project)
Working with at-risk children and teenagers in Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   

Quixote Center
A faith-based social justice center for those with limited resources.  

The Apostolic Christian Church is combining with other churches, volunteers, grocery stores and all those that can help donate and facilite donation drives to send food, medicine, and supplies down to Honduras.  

Relief Net
Relief Net is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping humanitarian organizations raise global awareness and encourage support for relief efforts via the Internet.   

Relief Now/Kaleidoscope Ministries Ltd.
Relief Now is a clearinghouse of information about Christian relief efforts. It is updated frequently during times of response to disasters and humanitarian relief efforts.   

Salvation Army - Mobile Area Command
The Mobile Area Command of The Salvation Army is a ministry of the Christian church to the down-and-out, the homeless, the drug addict, the alcoholic, and the less fortunate in our community. Our national motto is: "Heart to God...Hand to Man!" Our local theme is, "Always there....when you need us!" We carry out our ministry along the Gulf Coast of Alabama, in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. We provide community support during times of emergency and disaster in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Visit our website for more information.  

Samaritan's Purse International
Samaritan's Purse is a Christian charity that specialises in meeting the physical and spiritual needs of victims of war, poverty, natural disaster and disease with the aim of sharing God's love through Jesus Christ.  


Second Harvest Online
Second Harvest Online -- home page for America's food bank network and the nation's largest hunger-relief charity.  

SIM is an international mission organization with more than 1,900 missionaries serving in more than 36 countries on five continents. More than anything else, SIM is people - a family of believers dedicated to reaching other people with the good news of Jesus Christ.   

Slavic Gospel Association
SGA is now in its seventh decade carrying the love of Christ to the people of the former Soviet Union. Under the leadership of its president, Dr. Robert W. Provost, SGA trains pastors and layleaders, sponsors national church-planting missionaries, supports two national seminaries and seven Bible institutes, supplies Bibles and literature, provides humanitarian aid, and more . . . all for the purpose of helping churches throughout the former Soviet Union evangelize and disciple their own communities. SGA - helping churches, reaching Russia.  

Society of Saint Andrew
The Society of St. Andrew feeds the hungry in the name of Jesus Christ, all year long. We salvage fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste and deliver it to the nation's hungry for less than two cents per serving.  

South Sudanese Friends International
South Sudanese Friends International (SSFI), founded by Sudanese in 1994, promotes the democratic process, peaceful conflict resolution, self-reliant living, and human rights in Sudan. SSFI aids communities in southern Sudan irrespective of race, culture, or religion. Although guided by Christian principles, SSFI is not affiliated with any religious or political entity. SSFI also aids the Sudanese refugee community in the United States.   


Teen Challenge OF Greater Cleveland
"To evangelize people who have life controlling problems, and to initiate the discipleship process to the point where the student can function as a Christian in Society, applying spiritually motivated Biblical principles to relationships in the family, local church, chosen vocation and the community. Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive." Teen Challenge has a 70% Success Rate.  

UMCOR Hurricanes 1998 (includes Hurricane Georges)
Hurricanes 1998 (UMCOR) has news and information about current hurricane emergencies, including Hurricane Georges. 100 percent of the money you give to UMCOR goes to the emergency, no administrative costs are taken out of it. Information about volunteer work and donations of materials goods are also included on the page. Relief from Georges will be ongoing. UMCOR is still there even after FEMA and others have gone on to other emergencies.  

United Christian Fund
United Christian Fund is dedicated to helping individuals, churches, ministries and civic organizations "Turn Tragedy Into Triumph!" for anyone undergoing a financial tragedy. This is done through printed appeals which tell the suffering person's story and include a picture of the person and AN ENVELOPE ADDRESSED TO THEM thereby enabling each contributor to mail a contribution DIRECTLY TO THE SUFFERING PERSON! A second envelope, addressed to United Christian Fund General Operations, is included to enable the contributor to also send a gift to the organization to help pay the cost of printing and mailing one appeal each month to each UCF participant. In this manner each contributor knows precisely where every penny goes. Interested individuals and organizations are invited to become United Christian Fund missionaries & mission outreaches. Those ordained to participate are expected to share financial support from the fruit of their labor as they help UCF grow. missionaries  

Vets With A Mission
Vets With A Mission is a non-profit 501-C(3)organization chartered in California since 1988. We are located in South Lake Tahoe, California. Vets With A Mission is a charitable organization dedicated to healing the deep wounds and devastating effects which war has inflicted upon South East Asia. The creation of this organization is an outgrowth of the healing pprocess which has affected our own country over the years, concerning the traumatic aftermath of the Vietnam experience and its lingering impact on the consciousness of our own wounded nation. Our only desire is to express the love of Christ according to the mandate given us in Matthew 25 in a compassionate and constructive way. Those involved in this organization do so in a purely voluntary capacity, whether that involves individual contributions or particiption on construction and medical teams which travel into Vietnam to perform construction projects on orphanages and rural health care clinics, conduct medical and dental services, deliver quantities of medical and pharmaceutical supplies, carry out fact-finding work for future projects and fund various humanitarian projects.  


Vision Care International Ministries
Vision Care International Ministries seeks to fulfill the Lord's command to His disciples in Luke 9 & 10. He told them to 'preach the gospel and heal the sick'. VCI is a medical missions organization which uses eye care to open the door to the gospel. Thousands of new and recycled spectacles have been distributed around the world and each recipient is given an opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.  

Volunteers in Medical Missions
VIMM is a non-denominational organization dedicated to providing physical and spiritual healing to people in developing countries worldwide. Volunteers include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical students, residents, pastors, and other non-medical people interested in missions.  

World Concern
Christian relief and development organization helping poor and oppressed families become self-reliant through food, jobs, health care and education in more than 80 countries worldwide.  

World Reach Missions
ENCOURAGED by the resurrection of Jesus Christ, ENABLED by the Holy Spirit and ENLIGHTENED by His plan, WORLD REACH, INC. was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. As an evangelical, interdenominational sending agency, World Reach's basic purpose is targeting unreached peoples in both remote and urban areas for the purpose of evangelizing and discipling. This is accomplished by the establishment of new churches and nurturing of existing national churches utilizing both North Americans and Nationals with the goal of the entire work becoming indigenous and autonomous. Along with the evangelistic and discipleship thrust, Nationals are trained as churches are planted. Medical, water and famine relief are provided according to specific needs and available personnel and resources  

World Relief Foundation
Emergency relief aid mixed with development assistance. All contributions are tax deductible.  

World Vision
World Vision is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice, and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God.   

World Vision U.S.
The official website of World Vision Inc., the U.S. arm of the world's largest faith-based, privately funded relief and development organization. The site takes visitors on a journey of faith, hope, and love where they can learn about World Vision, explore their transforming ministry among 50 million people in 103 countries, read articles from their award-winning magazines or gain late-breaking information about humanitarian crises in world hotspots, and even respond by sponsoring a child, getting connected for volunteer ministry, or participating in efforts to end global hunger. Numerous World Vision staff use Domino server technology to keep the site fresh and new by feeding new features and updated information to the site virtually on a daily basis.  

WorldNeed, Inc.
WorldNeed, Inc., and Restoration Interim Ministries provides pastoral leadership for churches in crisis transition. It also provides financial support for mission work in Zambia and for a crisis pregnancy center in El Paso, Texas. It also owns a youth center in Rawlins, Wyoming.  

YWAM Slavic Ministries -- Making God known in the former USSR
Slavic Ministries is the part of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) that reaches out in Christian service to the peoples of Eastern Europe, the Baltic nations, Russia and her neighbors. Not all of these countries contain ethnically Slavic people (Hungarians and Latvians, for instance, are not Slavic people), but our ministry began as an evangelistic effort to the hundred-plus groups of people once found in the Soviet Union or those countries once dominated by the USSR.