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  1. Abounding Love Ministries
    Meet Charles Watson, former Manson Family member, who found the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ in prison serving a 7 year to Life sentence. Abounding Love Ministries, Inc., is the non-profit ministry of Charles and his wife Kristin. Visit our web site and meet Jesus, your Personal Savior and Lord!  

  2. Angel Tree
    Angel Tree, a ministry of Prison Fellowship, offers churches and volunteers the opportunity to minister to prisoners by providing gifts to their children at Christmas.   

  3. ARM - American Rehabilitation Ministries. An extensive Biblical educational program. Provbision for schedule of prison conferences/seminars. Make and distribute baptistries for prisons.                                                                    
  4. Bereavement Care Institute/Chaplaincy Training
    The Bereavement Care Institute was created to provide support and help for people that have lost a loved one, training opportunities for persons, who desire to serve as volunteer chaplains in business, hospices, hospitals, jails/prisons, and help to churches that desire to start a bereavement care ministry.  

  5. Bible Believers Fellowship
    We are not a church but a nondenominational, nonprofit prison ministry reaching convicts throughout the United States with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We take the Bible literally as what it is, the inspired Word of God. It is our firm belief that even the most hardened of criminals can be touched and changed forever by the power and love of our Lord and Savior. We provide prison chaplains with free English and Spanish Christian literature (Bibles, booklets, tracts, newsletters) and videos that will assist them in reaching prisoners with the Holy Word of God. We also provide counseling and encouragement to those who want to turn from their past and live for Jesus.  

  6. Brother's Keeper Ministries, Inc.
    Brother's Keeper Ministries is a Criminal Justice Ministry that shares God's Love with the Lost, Hurting and Forgotten in Prison. Our Ministry also reaches out to Victims of Crime, Criminal Justice Professional and to the Family members. We are organizing a network of Prison Ministries, Churches, Volunteers as well as AfterCare providers to share in the work of this ministry to the Least of these our bretheren.  

  7. Brothers Keeper/Prison Ministry/Frank Catania

  8. Burning Bush, The
    Homesite of Ed Wrather former parole officer now pastor. Offering free kits to help those with addictions. Correspondence with prison inmates. The Burning Bush Prison Newsletter. Evangelism/Evangelist.  

  9. Church at prison
    A ministry of Evangelism and Discipleship to those in Prison.  

  10. Coalition of Churches in Prison Ministry
    Texas based prison ministry to encourage local churches to work towards the change in like style for inmates and families through the love of Christ. We worship, hold revivals, bible study , arrange for christian pen pals and contact residents with a church upon leaving prison.  

  11. ConquestHouse Ministries
    ConquestHouse, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (3) ministry founded December 1995 in Washington, D.C. ConquestHouse’s mission is to uplift the quality of life in the Washington area through innovative programs designed to meet the needs of physical and spiritual needs of persons that are suffering in the inner-city and to help these persons become more self-sufficient. ConquestHouse’s programs will include an agenda for social service, spiritual renewal, and self-empowerment.  


    We publish Christian character-building self-help books that are Biblical and practical. They cover issues related to adults and teens, pastors and churches, prisoners and prison ministries, business owners and managers, job searches, and urban ministry. We have materials for successful daily devotions. Christian leaders throughout America endorse our materials.  

  14. Criminal Justice Ministry Center
    The Criminal Justice Ministry Center of Central Texas is a community-based networking effort to: 1) Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, 2) Encourage, strengthen, and provide hope for inmates through teaching faith in Christ, 3) Provide a means of discipleship and growth for inmates who receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and 4) Reach out with Christian love, where and whenever possible, to families of inmates.  

  15. Cross of Christ Ministries, Inc./Rev. Dan B. Cross
    Free revivals, seminars, & program development consultation to churches, street missions, & prison ministries. Reimbursement of moderate expenses. Anointed, Biblical wisdom, & experience that produces His results..  

  16. Crossfire International Inc.
    Teenage Intervention for drug & alcohol abuse, veteran's conferences, with direct focus of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (not only regarding veterans but all walks of life, church evangelism often with specific focus on prophecy, and prophetic conferences). From personal experience Paul Hughes knows of the afterlife. His after-death experience in Vietnam is chronicled in "Shadow of Death," his autobiography. Crossfire's newest book, "The Removal - A Message to the Bride," is due for release in late 1997. VISIT CROSSFIRE'S SITE ON THE INTERNET!  

  17. Disciples of Christ Jesus Ministry
    The Disciples of Christ Jesus Ministry, or DOCJM is a Christian Holy Spirit Filled (forward) ministry. DOCJM is located in right on the banks of the Missouri River in Great Falls, Montana. DOCJM is not a church but a ministry that is actively involved in bringing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to those who are lost through the World Wide Web and through the prison facilities throughout the Northwest. DOCJM is affiliated with the Montana region of Prison Fellowship Ministries. Our mission is effective and simple, bringing the word of God, the message of Hope and Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. DOCJM is not just a prison ministry, or a prison Christ-Centered Aftercare Program. DOCJM is geared to minister also to the victims and families of those who have been effected by crime that offers support groups for both men and women seeking a life more abundantly through Christ; ;  

  18. Epiphany Ministry, Inc.
    Epiphany Ministry, Inc. is an ecumenical Ministry for those youthful offenders in the care of Juvenille Justice Facilities.  

  19. FA Pen Pals
    This is a pen pal site for prison inmates. It presents the perfect opportunity for you to touch someone who is hurting an lonely and you do not even have to leave your home to do it. Be blessing to someone and you will discover that you are the one being blessed.   

  20. Forgiven Ministries
    Forgiven Ministries is an evangelsitic worship band which ministers to those sectors of society often forgotten about or shunned by others. Ministering mostly with worship music and simple evangelistic messages, Forgiven has been led to prisons, soup kitchens, public parks and outreach centers as well as having ministered in churches for outreach events and promotion.  

  21. FREEDOM MINISTRIES - Bob and Ginnie Ayers
    Prison and jail ministry, intercessory prayer, country gospel concerts, church services, Revivals, flea market worship services, nursing home ministry, and crusades.  

  22. Freedom Walk Prison Ministry
    Freedom Walk Prison Ministry is a Christ-Centered, not for profit, volunteer reliant, organization, ministering to prisoners, their families, and victims.  

  23. Future Vision Ministries - African Prison Ministries Page
    A Christian, non-profit organization existing to consolidate a number of ongoing community and international outreach activities in North America and Africa.  

  24. Future Vision Ministries Homepage
    A Christian, non-profit organization existing to consolidate a number of ongoing community and international outreach activities in North America and Africa.  

  25. Hearts In Prison
    Hearts In Prison is an outreach of hope and encouragement to women who have loved ones in prison. When you have a loved one in prison, your heart seems to be in an emotional, and spiritual prison. Through JESUS they can no longer be hearts in prison, but a FREE HEART! We are a new ministry under the covering of The Christian Connection in Mobile, AL. Our vision is to see women connected to each other sharing in the Lord that they can have peace, joy, and hope in Him. We have a monthly newsletter, and a devotional that will be ready the 1st of January. Already we have many Prison Minstry connections around the country, and have heard from hurting women. We welcome the opportunity to pray with anyone, and offer comfort to those women who have loved ones in prison.  

  26. Independence Baptist Assoc.Criminal Justice Ministry
    It is our purpose to encourage other churches and organization to get involved in the Criminal Justice Ministry. We have one staff chaplain for four county jails and seven volunteers going into two other county jails.  

  27. Inmate Alliance Ministries
    Inmate Alliance Ministries is devoted to the support of inmates and their loved ones while spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost.  

  28. International Christian Concern--Home Page
    ICC is a coalition of concerned Christians who believe that we must reach out and help Christians persecuted for their faith. ICC is not an extension of any foreign organization or church denomination. The more you become familiar with ICC, the more you will realize just how unique and important this ministry is to the body of Christ. We minister to those who are on the front lines of a spiritual battle. These Christians frequently pay a price, sometimes costing them their lives, landing them in prison, and causing much hardship.   

  29. International Prison Ministry
    Demonstrating the world's most successful rehabilative program.  

  30. Justice LINC a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ
    Justice LINC (an outreach including Campus Crusade's Prison Ministry) is looking for committed, mature Christians who are burdened to minister to the criminal culture and those affected by it. We believe that applying the solution of Christ to the problem of crime will have a measurable and lasting influence on criminal behavior and the culture that feeds on it.  

  31. Kairos of North Carolina
    Kairos of North Carolina. Christian Prison Ministry.  

  32. Keryx Prison Ministry
    Keryx is a lay led, non-profit, non-denominational, Christian based prison ministry designed to be conducted in any correctional institution using the Cursillo method without substantive change in format or prodecure. The purpose of Keryx Prison Ministry is the Christianization of the correctional institution through the actions of small apostolic prayer support groups of prison residents working within their environment trained and encouraged by Keryx volunteers.  

  33. Larry Ollison Ministries
    Larry Ollison has been in the ministry for over 30 years. Raised a Southern Baptist and majoring in theology at Southwest Baptist University, Larry now ministers to all denominations through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  

  34. Law Of Liberty Ministries
    We are a spirit-filled ministry which is dedicated to those who are in adult prisons and youth facilities whether or not it is a physical institution or a spiritual one. We believe that the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to do this. We work in all types of ministry settings from holding prison-wide revivals, discipling inmates through Bible studies, chapel services, and one-on-one witnessing to those on death row and administrative segregation, (AD-SEG OR 24 HOUR LOCKDOWN). We work with the local church by teaching training seminars and discipleship classes to equip the church to be teachers and soul winniners for Jesus. I invite you to join with me, as we see God working through us to fulfill the great commission and visit those who are in prison.  

  35. Lifegate Inc. Jail Ministry
    This site is an open hand to connect with other vibrant ministries working in the same or a similare area. It covers a brief outline of the Lifegate ministry. It also lists coming events such as seminars and contains contact information.  

  36. Living Praise Ministries/I was in prison...
    Living Praise Ministries is a member of the Coalition of Prison Evangelists (COPE). Since 1989 we have ministered in prisons in North Carolina, South Carolina and Pennsylvania, conducting as many as 132 services per year. As a Praise and Worship ministry, we have witnessed the miraculous and life-changing power of the presence of God in places where some thought there was no God. Our mission is to: Win the Lost; Encourage, Equip and Strengthen inmates with the gospel; Help to identify and establish God's church within the prison walls; Train ex-convicts to return to the prisons as missionaries; Aid and assist those whom God has called into Prison Ministry.  

  37. Lord Looseth the Prisoner Ministries, Inc.
    This ministries primary purpose is to evangelize the jails and prisons in this nation. We believe this mission field is ripe for the harvest. To preach the good news that men and women can be saved, delivered, and healed. That we overcome the enemy with the word of our testimony and the blood of the Lamb.  

  38. Match-Two Prisoner Outreach
    To recruit, train and monitor volunteers for one on one visitation in California prisons the atascadero state hospital, and all California youth authorities.  

  39. Mike McInerney Ministries
    We are dedicated to providing a Christ-centered alternative to the rehabilitation and personal improvement programs now offered by typical secular criminal justice systems and the helping professions in the United States and the world. This alternative would stress personal responsibility particularly as it pertains to the process of changing beliefs, habits, compulsions and anti-social behaviors from the inside-out as opposed to typical programs which advocate the forcing of change onto the individual from the outside-in. This will be achieved by providing a ministry staff of individuals who are committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and by using lessons, newsletters, various types of literature, personal mentoring and public speaking opportunities all of which stress a Biblical, Christ-focused value system and world view. This system of teaching and support is based on an emphasis on spiritual truth as well as reverence, worship and service of God. The ultimate purpose, therefore, is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ and strengthen our society through strengthened individuals and families that are centered on Jesus Christ.   

  40. Missing Link
    Linking Troubled Youth & Adults with Life-Changing Programs. A full-time ministry to prisoners and to those who live in prisons of their own making. Offering Bibles; Bible studies; life-changing literature; film and video presentations; counseling; correspondence with prisoners; prison, street and church ministry; crime prevention assemblies; referral services; coffee house, street, and prison ministry training.   

  41. Northeast Arkansas Criminal Justice Ministry
    Northeast Arkansas Criminal Justice Ministry is a ministry of Eastside Southern Baptist Church in Cave City, AR 72521. This ministry goes into ten County Jails and one State Prison every week. Our goal is to provide Spiritual need as well as physical need to those behine prison bars.  

  42. Our House
    A refuge for juvenile ex-offenders who do not have a home when they are released from the system. A safe haven used to raise up Godly young men providing wisdom, knowlege and understanding of the Word of God.  

  43. Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries (PYCM)
    Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries provides ministry to at-risk and incarcerated youth. We also supply Chaplain Training, materials and support.  

  44. Pastors to Prisoners
    People in prison need help. With upwards of 5000 inmates at each site, the State Chaplain is not enough. A full-time Yard Pastor maximizes the impact of the Chapel on the prison yard, follows up on work begun by itinerant ministries that come in weekly, monthly or less often, and provide a positive role model and counselor on a daily basis for men who are trying to make a change. Your prayers and financial support will make a difference in San Diego, in California, and to the uttermost parts of the earth. As the Apostle Paul said, "Treat those in prison as if you were one of them." The Yard Pastor does that. And you can help.  

  45. Pen Pal Newsletter Online (A Christian Publication)
    A Christian alternative to worldly pen pal clubs. List your name for free in the snail mail paper version or access free names from my web site. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for listing form and information.  

  46. PFC-Prisoners For Christ
    Sin, not crime, is the problem. The only remedy for sin is the Blood of our Redeemer!   

  47. Philadelphians, Inc.
    Non-profit Christian Prison Ministry Based in Knoxville, Tennessee  

  48. Prison Fellowship International
    Prison Fellowship (PF) is a Christian ministry responding to the needs of prisoners, ex-prisoners, victims and those affected by crime. Prison Fellowship International (PFI) is the global association of national Prison Fellowship organizations.  

  49. Prison Fellowship Ministries' Neighbors Who Care page
    NWC mobilizes and equips local churches to provide practical assistance to victims of crime. NWC is the first national Christian ministry to address the needs of crime victims.   

  50. Prison Fellowship's Project Angel Tree
    Make Christmas real for the children of prisoners. Prison Fellowship's Project Angel Tree is a fun way to share Jesus' love with hurting kids.  

  51. Prison Fellowship/Crime: Where Do We Go From Here?
    Prison Fellowship Ministries is: a nonprofit, volunteer-reliant organization focused on one overriding vision: that all those involved in and directly impacted by crime will experience the grace and peace of Jesus Christ. PFM's mission is to exhort, assist, and equip the church in its ministry to prisoners, ex-prisoners, victims, and their families, and in its advancement of biblical standards of justice. To accomplish that mission, PF recruits, trains, and mobilizes volunteers from a variety of denominations and backgrounds to participate in a wide range of in-prison and community programs.  

  52. Re-Entry Prison & Jail Ministry
    Re-Entry Jail and Prison Ministry is a San Diego based Ministry dedicated to helping those who are ex-offenders. The Primary purpose of this site is to offer resource information to chaplains and jail ministers. Our hope is that this directory will assist in the discipleship of ex-offenders and give some practical help and references to churches and organizations that work directly with the needs of ex-offenders.  

  53. Reconciled Ministries, Inc.
    Reconciled Ministries is committed to building churches in prisons. We believe that a person's character determines their destiny. Until their character changes, their destiny will remain the same. A total commitment to Jesus Christ and the principles of the Word of God are the only things that will permanently change a man's character. Jim Britnell, the director of Reconciled Ministries, experienced such a change while in prison; and now dedicates his life to help bring that dynamic change to other inmates.  

  54. Romans Chapter 8 Ministry
    Romans Chapter 8 is a prison letter writing ministry that writes letters to inmates in prison to encourage them in their walks with Christ. This is done anonymously through a P.O. Box.  

  55. Second Chance Ministries of PA, Inc.
    Our purpose is to present the Good News of Jesus Christ as the source of hope and new life for incarcerated men and women. To train, disciple, and raise up Godly individuals for the army of Christ. We are active in establishing bible study fellowship groups in a growing number of institutions, and our volunteer staff regularly visit with inmates, workinh with them prior to their release (when possible) to help ease their transition back into society. We also aid them in job placement and housing.  

  56. SET FREE! Outreach Ministry
    A site for the networking and education of those involved in prison ministry.  

  57. Shekinah Street Ministries
    Shekinah Street Ministries is dedicated to taking Y'shua's Words & Salvation to the streets  

  58. Shepherds of Christ Ministries
    We are a movement dedicated to the renewal of the spiritual life through prayer groups and distribution of inspirational materials.  

  59. Solid Rock Jail & Prison Ministry
    The Solid Rock Jail and Prison Ministry near Atlanta, Georgia is an interdenominational ministry outreach to incarcerated men and women.  

  60. Songs of Praise by Gilberto Barreto
    Songs of Praise by Gilberto Barreto contains original Christian praise songs written by Gilberto and published for your free use in praising God. Each song has a distinctive midi file, lyrics you can sing along with, and music scores with guitar chords. We also have a music ministry of evangelism and encouragement within the Texas prison system.   

  61. St. Dysmas of South Dakota - Congregation Behind Bars
    St. Dysmas of South Dakota is a Christian congregation behind the walls of the South Dakota State Penitentiary. Going beyond traditional models of prison ministry, St. Dysmas values lay leadership from the prisoners themselves and offers visitors the opportunity to worship with "the least of these, my brethren."  

  62. Tough Guy's
    Criminal's lives are changed.  

  63. Wings Prison Ministry Home Page
    Wings Prison Ministry is dedicated to those that are enslaved to sin. Since 1992, God has graced us with the gift of winning souls from Satan's hands  

  64. World Wide Prison Ministries
    The oldest and most extensive prison ministry in the world. Links, resources, FREE material, ministry aids, and testimony. Hosted by best selling international author Gene Neill.  

  65. WorldLINC Volunteer Ministry Opportunites for You!
    Welcome to the World LINC Network. LINC stands for "Leaders In New Community" Ministries. The LINC concept is one of the most powerful strategies used within Campus Crusade for Christ. No longer do Christians need to wait for full time staff to move to their city or town. Using the latest in telephone, fax, and Internet communications, trained staff consultants can help you begin a vital ministry in the following target areas. Use this menu to locate existing Campus Crusade for Christ ministries in your area of interest OR to start one anywhere in the world!