A Host of Helps and Freebies for Those with WebSites

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  1. Delphi Message Forums - With this excellent free service, you can easily set up a customized message board on your Web site. It's a great way to create interactivity with your visitors. You can promote and share your interests; meet like-minded people; keep in touch with family; schedule and advertise events; and much more. You can also administer your board (delete messages, set options, etc.)
  2. - This outstanding, pioneering service is perfect for Webmasters who'd like to add interactive forms to their site, but don't know a scripting language. Just follow the easy instructions here and will generate a custom form for your site. Several other similar form generators have emerged in the wake of (formerly known as FreeForm), but this service is still the best of its kind.
  3. Mike's World - HTML guru Mike Lester's site is a good resource for Web page designers and serves up plenty of free graphics, free CGI scripts, Web design help, free fonts and tutorials.
  4. - Are you tired of your Web site's long, cumbersome URL? You can get a shorter URL at this site. Your URL here will be: You don't need to change anything on your existing site, just sign up for this free service and you're all set.
  5. Web Cards sample - Click on the "Free Samples" link to get a sample of Web Cards. These are color postcards of Web pages. They're a great, novel way to promote your site and notify your visitors about new features on your pages.
  6. - This site offers a roundup of free Webmaster's stuff, as well as articles about site design and promotion, and a newsletter. They also offer info on mailing list servers; online tools; Web site development programs; counters & trackers; how to make money from your site, and much more. They also offer a free URL submission service.
  7. HTML Wizards - Tom Christensen's site is a solid resource for everyone from newbies to seasoned Webmasters and offers lots of freebies for enhancing your site. There are free fonts, JavaScripts, CGI resources and a strong collection of helpful HTML-related links. You'll also find tips and tricks on building traffic and earning income from your site.
  8. URL4life redirection service - Here's a free URL redirection service that offers you an easy-to-remember subdomain. Using it, your current site address can be something like: Other examples include: or If you prefer, you may put a "www" in front of your subdomain.
  9. AAA Web Design List - Here's a helpful site that serves up a collection of free Web site designer resources, including 2,000 backgrounds and textures and almost 300 programs and scripts. They feature a directory of that "allows Web designers worldwide to promote their businesses for free." They also offer a free URL redirection service. Using it, your cumbersome URL can be:
  10. The Mighty Informatron - Having fresh, constantly-updated content is one way to keep your visitors coming back. And here's a way to add interesting, updated info to your site. The Mighty Informatron offers a free, co-branded news channel to Web site owners. This Java-based channel features live news and sports scores, as well as stock market updates, etc.
  11. - An impressive, one-of-a-kind service that offers free third-level virtual host names. What's a third-level virtual host name, you're asking? Well, with this service you can exchange your cumbersome and hard-to-remember URL into something much more elegant, such as (YourName) This service forwards your E-mail, as well---so your E-mail address can be: (YourName)
  12. Free Find - With this free service, you can easily add a search engine to your Web site. You can add search capabilities to your site, without CGIs or server modifications. Visitors to your site will see a search entry form that looks like part of your site, because it can be customized with your own background and logo.
  13. Responders.Net - This free service allows you to easily add request forms to your site without programming. Using their forms, you may ask your visitors up to 10 questions (and the results will be automatically E-mailed to you).
  14. ClickTrade - Impressive, first-of-its-kind service that allows you to set up your own affiliate program and reward your affiliates on a pay-per-click or sale basis. Webmasters should look through their directory to find sites that'll pay you to link them. A popular program that has over 30,000 Web sites participating.
  15. HtmlOthello - Here's a neat, free way to add fun content to your Web site that'll keep your visitors coming back. This service offers a free HTML version of the classic board game Othello. Features bright colors, 3D graphics and speedy gameplay. The "Personal Edition" of this online game is free.
  16. Announce It America - The Web site submission service, Announce It America, offers a free version for those who have non-commercial, personal sites. They'll submit your site to 500 search engines, directories, "what's new" sites, classifieds and free-for-all-links.
  17. - Here's a free, easy-to-use redirection service. Using this service, your site's URL will be No sites with porn, "warez," or offensive materials allowed.
  18. The Promoter - Here's a useful, free service that lets you submit your Web site to 450 search engines and directories in real-time, a process that can take anywhere from five to 60 minutes. (Which is not much time compared to the many hours it'd take to do this by hand). In return for using this service, you're required to place a small snippet of HTML coding on your page. No adult-oriented sites allowed.
  19. Webmasters Only - A helpful roundup of all sorts of freebies and free services for Web authors. Whether you're looking for a good counter, a banner exchange, or a JavaScript or if you're trying to develop your Web editing skills, this is a good place to go. There's also a META Tag generator and a basic HTML tutorial and much more.
  20. - A free URL redirection service that will give you a shorter, easier-to-remember Web site address. Instead of having a long cumbersome address like, you can have a shorter URL here, such as
  21. Webmasters Tools - A well-done, nicely organized roundup of freebie resources for Webmasters. Categories include free site promotion services, Java stuff, free Web page authoring tools, CGI scripts, free space providers and money-making opportunities for your Web site.
  22. QuickEmail - With this unique free service you can give your Web site's visitors the convenience of sending a quick E-mail from your page. Just paste the provided coding on your page and you're all set. Highly configurable and you can specify several options.
  23. Website Abstraction - This is a very bookmark-able resource for various Webmaster freebies: JavaScript, graphics and Web tools. There's also a good Microsoft FrontPage tutorial. With sites like this around, it's amazing that people still pay $30 or $40 for (often stale) books on Web authoring!
  24. Internet Creator - Create your own online store with this E-Commerce Web site builder. For "a limited time," you can download a prerelease version of this excellent program for free. Powerful and relatively easy to use. Allows your site to feature E-mail ordering, shopping basket management and search capabilities. To see some examples of Web sites created with the help of Internet Creator, go here. (For Windows.)
  25. Submit Your Site - Here's a free service that lets you submit your Web site quickly & easily to 28 top search engines. They also offer a service that allows you to add a Web site submission service to your own site (a sure way to help attract visitors).
  26. Your Polls - Would you like to know what's on your visitor's minds? Here, you can sign up for a free, customizable Web poll for your site. You can plug in any questions you'd like and receive unlimited responses. Your Polls offers real-time updates and more.
  27. Swingout's Free Forum Networks - This site is offering free, customized forums and bulletin boards for your Web site. Easy to set up.
  28. - There are loads of free goodies for Webmasters at this site. serves up a large collection of free CGI scripts. There's also free graphics, MIDI sound files, fonts and other goodies. The site includes over 190 pages of original Webmaster tutorials.
  29. Page Magic - Getting your own Web page up and going couldn't be simpler, thanks to these guys. They offer free Web page design, free Web space, free graphics design and free promotion. This service can be used for personal pages, educational pages, "information" pages and nonprofit groups.
  30. Event calendars - This site offers free scripts for generating HTML from your event descriptions. The output is a nicely formatted calendar (HTML table) ready for saving and uploading to your Web site. Also be sure to check out the "Easy Home Page Generator Script," a free Perl script that gives your site's visitors the opportunity to create (and edit) their own home page. Easy to customize and fun to use.
  31. Fast Submit - This site lives up to its name: it's a fast, free way to get the word out about your site to the major search engines. Just fill in your information, choose the search engines you'd like to submit to and click the button and you're all set.
  32. ListBot - This service offers a free mailing list for your Web site. ListBot's mailing lists allow you to send announcements and news to people who sign up. It uses a centralized database so that list members only have to enter their information once and can manage all of their subscriptions from a single Web site. We've had a few visitors complain that they can't access their Listbot accounts lately.
  33. The Fast Submitter - This is a well-done service that helps you submit your Web site to the most popular search engines quickly. All you need to do is type in your name and E-mail address; then you can start submitting. Note: this site uses Java, which means you must have a non-ancient browser.
  34. Recommend-It.Com - This service offers a good way for you to build traffic on your Web site. Just sign up and then you may place their link on your Web site. When your visitors click on that link, they can quickly and easily recommend your site to their friends.
  35. Site submission service - Clayon's Shareware offers an excellent free search engine submission service. You can submit your site to up to 100 search engines here. Note: if you use the service, they request a linkback. No adult sites allowed.
  36. Web Site Garage - An essential (and unique) free service for "tuning up" your Web site. There are various utilities that will check your site's performance in areas such as load time, spelling, dead links, site popularity, correct HTML design and more. There's also a useful "GIF Lube" feature that lets you shrink the size of your site's images, so they'll load quicker. Web Site Garage's free services are excellent, but their referral program for Webmasters is terrible.
  37. EPage Webmaster classified ads program - How'd you like to add classified ads to your Web site? You can, with this service. Webmasters can choose to mirror the full EPage Classifieds and/or auctions. In addition, you can create your own categories. The ads will be posted into EPage and Auctionpage where possible.
  38. - This innovative site offers lots of free services for your Web page. For one thing, they offer a search engine that your visitors can use to search your site. There are also free guestbooks, Web forums, hit counters, E-mail forms and more. And you don't need CGI-bin access on your server to implement these services. hosts the services on their own server.
  39. WebTechs Validation Service - Making sure your Web page is correctly coded can be a real challenge. That's where this free service comes in. Here, you can submit your HTML document (or a portion of a document) and find out if it's correctly coded. This service will return a list of errors on your page and tell you what and where they are. You can also have this validator check for needless coding in your page, as well as remove script coding, as well as other options.
  40. - This free service allows you to easily add job listings to your site. Use their intuitive interface to add, edit or delete jobs listings on your Web site. They store the software and data on their servers, so there is no installation. Jobvertise is also customizable to match your existing Web site.
  41. Link-Me Links Exchange Database - One of the best ways to promote your site is through reciprocal links. This resource is a good place to start. This site also lists over 500 "free-for-alls," which are basically bulletin boards that you can add your site to (and believe it or not, they do pull in traffic).
  42. - This site enables you to add a free digital greeting card service to your Web site; something that's bound to enhance your page's appeal with visitors.
  43. Dr. Watson - This is a free service that not only checks for coding errors on your Web page, it also checks for that great bane of Web authoring: broken links.
  44. Rank This! - This is an online tool to help you determine your "ranking" on different keyword sets in 8 of the major search engines. Rank This! tells you not only if your site is in the top 200 results, but also lists the sites that are in the top 10 on that search. There's also a guide for helping you improve your rankings.
  45. Web Tutor - If you're new at designing Web pages, you really need to check out this outstanding free tutorial, which you can download and then view in your browser, off-line. It'll teach you everything you need to know about building a Web site, from the basics to frames to forms to frames and more.
  46. StellarSite Web Designs - Do you need help getting your page up and going? Check with these guys: they're a group of nonprofit volunteers who provide free custom graphics and HTML design.
  47. Survey Lab - This is a Web-based application that automates the entire creation and administration of online surveys and lets you access results instantly from the convenience of your browser. No software to install, no need for custom programming, and no need for any daily administration.
  48. HTML Reference Library - This is an essential free tool for learning HTML. The HTML Reference Library is a Windows Help file, that details with numerous screenshots and examples and all of the currently supported HTML elements.
  49. WebPromote's META Tag builder - If you have a Web site, then you need to have "META Tags" on your page to get the best placement on the search engines. This free service will build optimized META Tags for you, based on the details of your site that you provide.
  50. Free Code - If you need assistance with handling cookies, setting up password protection, processing forms, searching databases or adding a counter, then check out Free Code. There's lots of coding free goodies here that are written in C/C++, Java, Perl or Visual Basic that are compatible with Unix and/or Windows. Categories include CGI, chat, E-mail forms, HTML, Internet protocols, online applications, user interface components and Web hosting tools.
  51. Dream Catchers CGI Scripts - Good resource for freeware CGI scripts. These CGI scripts are made available to Web designers, servers, programmers, and anyone else who can find a use for them free of charge by Dream Catchers Technologies, Inc. Scripts include a message board, menu, advertiser tracking, counter, guestbook, rotating link, etc.
  52. javElink - A useful new site, javElink offers a Web page change monitoring service. The first 20 pages are free. With javElink, you can check on pages in a few seconds; monitor how much a specific page is changing; link directly to pages that contain new information and know daily whether your favorite Web pages have changed.
  53. Matt's Script Archive - If you have CGI access with your Unix Web hoster, then you should check out this essential site that offers tons of free C++ and Perl CGI scripts. There's a lot of neat goodies here to spice up your Web site, including a message board, a search engine, a counter, a "free-for-all" links page, a form mailer, an HTTP cookie library, a random image displayer, a random image generator, a text clock and much more.
  54. Bobby Web page analyzer - Bobby is a free Web-based service that will help you make Web pages accessible to people with disabilities. It will also find HTML compatibility problems that prevent pages from displaying correctly on different Web browsers.
  55. Come.To - A Web page URL redirection service that lets you have a nifty, short, easy-to-remember Web site address such as This service is free, provided that you place their icon on your page. Note: once in a while, their service goes down, which can result in lost traffic for you.
  56. The Reciprocal Link Database - This service aims to help Webmasters find other sites to reciprocate links with. This site is new, so if you submit now, you can get better positioning.
  57. InfoLink Freeware link checker - This freebie program has all the tools necessary to help maintain your site. With the extensive set of reports built after each verification, you can easily locate and correct problem links and pages, and you can utilize the statistic reports to keep a log of your site's integrity.
  58. Did-It Detectives Search Engine - Useful service that keeps you informed about your Web site's submission status by checking the major search sites to see if it has been indexed. If you're trying to promote your Web site, this service can save you a lot of legwork (clickwork?).  Warning: we've had complaints from visitors that this site sends spam to those who use it (although that was not our own experience).
  59. URL-Minder - Your own personal Web robot - Do you wish you could notify your visitors when the content on your pages changes? Then try out this free service. Just register your page(s) with URL-Minder and they'll send you coding to place on your site, which produces a form. When your visitors enter their E-mail address in the form, then they'll automatically be notified any time your page is updated.
  60. AFTER WE'RE GONE (by Online Publishing) AFTER WE'RE GONE is a tract provided by Online Publishing, which may be reproduced by any means. Written in response to the question, "Do those that miss The Rapture get a second chance?" one side answers that to the unbeliever, yet calls him or her to salvation now; the other side is instructions for those left behind. Pastors and Webmasters may choose to create a link from the bottom of their church's website directly into the document, in order to continue ministry "AFTER WE'RE GONE."  
  61. Animated Art from the Christian images Gallery Free Christian animated GIFs, clip art, graphics, Internet images and web clipart for your web site, desktop, publications or enjoyment.  
  62. Calafia Consulting/All about Search Engines - a guide for webmasters This secular webmasters guide to understanding search engines and search engine secrets -- essential reading for any webmaster wanting to know how to obtain more site visitors - a key to spreading the Gospel, or strengthening believers. The guide includes, for a very modest payment, a regular email newsletter. There are also, within the site, several links to other complementary guides, which are also essential reading.  
  63. Christian Images Gallery Free Christian animated GIFs, clip art, graphics, Internet images and web clipart. Discount clip-art cdroms are also available.  
  64. Council for Christian Activism on the Web The Council of Christian Activism on the Web. Unite with our organization as part of the largest Christian Online Association in the WORLD! LET'S TAKE THE WEB FOR CHRIST !  
  65. Internet Website Advertising Services - Easy to use web site hosting for do-it-yourself Christian webmasters.
    Creating an ambitious web site? Already have one that is constantly growing and changing? If your church or organization needs more on-line capability than that provided by your current free or "bargain" web site hosting, please consider our services.  
  66. Search Heaven @ Bridge Ministries dot org A single page from which you can query the best Christian search engines for the great Christian Web sites, Christian links and more! Also a great page to link to from your own Web site.  
  67. SingingNews Website We would like to encourage YOU to contact your favorite artist and tell them how much you would like to have their music on this site. MCS Webmasters in conjunction with LightSource is the ONLY authorized distributor of Southern Gospel CD's on the Web using RealAudio. We secured this service to bring to you the finest music available in the best format presently on the Web.  
  68. WebMasters, Mastering The Web We are here to provide quality web site creation to churches and to provide a highly lucrative home-based business to Christians, including retirees, handicapped/disabled and anyone who ever dreamed of starting an Internet related home-based business.