These are provided for your reference, and do not constitute an endorsement

  1. The Victorious Network -- A premier site devoted to victorious Christian living. It features online Bible studies, articles and books, a world-wide prayer ministry, a Bible reference guide, and an encyclopedia of Christian links (this page).

  2. Christian Life Center of Grass Valley, CA — One of the best church web sites to be found. This award-winning site features church info, a 24 hour Prayer-Line, Bible reference guide, Bible studies and articles, and Christian links.

  3. What People Ask About The Church – A complete online book by Dale A. Robbins which answers intriguing questions about the modern and historical church -- 212 pages from Victorious Publications.

  4. The Assemblies of God Online — Select this link to learn more about this outstanding Christian fellowship. You can find a great A/G church in your local area.

  5. Good News! -- An offer of a free gift from God, available to everyone.

  6. 24 Hour International Prayer Network -- A world-wide Christian prayer chain that will intercede for your needs.

  7. World Harvest Prayer Line -- The 24 hour prayer ministry of World Harvest Ministries of South Bend, Indiana.

  8. Golden State School of Theology -- Quality Bible college and seminary degrees by distance study.

  9. Religion News Today -- Excellent up-to-date news pertaining to religious issues, nationally and worldwide.

  10. The Christian Network Prayer Center -- An excellent prayer site, allowing requests to be posted to a bulletin board.

  11. All In One Christian Index -- Our favorite Christian search engine and guide, connecting to a combination of Christian directories, resources sites and links.

  12. Christian College Directory -- This is the internet's best directory of Christian Bible colleges and seminaries, hosted by ICL Net.

  13. American Bible College and Seminary -- Earn a fully accredited seminary degree by distance study.

  14. Assemblies of God White Pages -- Listings of URL's and e-mail addresses of clergy and laity associated with the Assemblies of God.

  15. CBN News — Transcripts of CBN news and interviews from the 700 Club, containing current Christian events and trends.

  16. CBN Fact Sheets — Fascinating documents produced by the Christian Broadcasting Network, providing factual clarification regarding controversial or Christian related issues.

  17. Promise Keepers — Learn more about this dynamic interdenominational men’s ministry that is sweeping the nation with their stadium-filled crusades. This official site will provide general information and give national scheduling updates.

  18. Christianity Net -- One of the most popular sites of Christian resources, devoted to connecting Christians worldwide.

  19. Net Ministries -- An array of Christian resources, directories and links. One of the largest server hosts of church web sites.

  20. Free Christian Software Directory -- A great catalog of free Christian software.

  21. Distinctive Church Collection -- Selected Church web sites.

  22. Best of the Christian Web -- An award reviewing site, featuring their compilation of the best Christian sites on the web. You can submit those sites that you feel warrant such recognition.

  23. Dove Family Movies, Videos and Entertainment -- Listings of videos and movies suitable for Christian family viewing.

  24. The Christian Connection Matchmaker -- The largest Christian dating & matching service on the internet.

  25. Churchlink -- Church directory and links to Christian resources.

  26. FishNet -- A very good Christian resource directory and links.

  27. Churches dot Net -- A great directory of Christian resources and churches.

  28. The World Wide Christian Web -- Christian resource directory and links.

  29. GOSHEN Christian Resource Directory -- One of the most widely viewed Christian sites, featuring resource directories, hundreds of links, and the best collection of Bible study helps.

  30. 1997 Christian Resource Index -- One of the best Christian resource directories and links.

  31. LifeTime Adoption Facilitation Center -- A very good Christian adoption placement service.

  32. Christian Connections -- Christian resource directory and links to Christian pages world-wide.

  33. Global Christian Network -- The most popular Christian site on the intenet, featuring one of the most advanced Christian resource directories, containing links and scores of resources on the internet.

  34. Exodus Christian Guide -- They offer a Christian chat line, Christian comic publications, bible resources and more still coming.

  35. The Missing Link -- Great Christian resources, articles and links.

  36. Christian Web Site Help -- A site of resources and graphics, helpful to the creation of Christian web pages.

  37. Christian Interactive Network -- Excellent Christian resources, directories, and more.

  38. Wisconsin Christian Web Site -- A site of Christian resources sponsored by Hope-in-Action newspaper.

  39. Global Christian Network Chat -- Meet new Christian friends on this Christian chat site, sponsored by Global Christian Network.

  40. Straight Paths Ministries -- A ministry designed for men seeking freedom from sexual addiction, based in Concord, CA.

  41. Rated-PG! Censorship Software -- The #1 choice to block X-Rated Internet Sites and limit playtime and installation of unwanted programs. We recommend this highly for all Christian families on the net!

  42. Watchman Fellowship -- A site devoted to exposing the darkness of cults and equiping Christians to engage in this vital need of ministry.

  43. The Pastoral Search Network -- A bulletin board service that lists churches looking for pastors, and ministers looking for churches.

  44. Sermons on the Internet -- A site of sermon and ministerial resources, devoted to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They also offer free design help for ministers.

  45. Intercristo Home Page -- A not-for-profit, information service connecting God's human resources to Christian service opportunities in the United States and Overseas. Primary services include providing up-to-date job leads to individuals and candidate information to hiring managers.

  46. IUGM's Links -- Links to Christian internet resources. An excellent site well worth your visit.

  47. Family Christian Stores -- The largest Christian shopping mall on the internet.

  48. Peggie's Place -- Christian directories, resources, links and almost everything you can think of! A visit to this premier Christian site is a must.

  49. CIRnet -- A LIVE internet-only Christian radio retwork.

  50. Check It Out Tracts -- Online Gospel tracts for your review.

  51. Internet for Christians Newsletter -- A helpful e-mail newsletter for Christians with web sites.

  52. CrossSearch -- An excellent directory of churches, links and Christian resources.

  53. Christian Web Site of the Day -- An award site for Christian internet pages. You may submit those sites that you feel should be recognized.

  54. The Worship Leader -- Information and resources pertaining to worship leaders.

  55. Brownsville Revival -- An interesting site that describes a church revival in Pensacola, Florida that has lasted two years, with nearly 100,000 souls saved.

  56. KINGDOM BEST - Top 5% Church Web Pages -- A Christian award site, listing sites appraised to be the best on the internet. You can submit sites that you feel are among the best.

  57. Search Engine -- One of the newest and most advances Christian search engines.

  58. The Prayer Chain -- A great internet prayer ministry site.

  59. The Prayer Network Home Page -- A great internet prayer ministry site.

  60. E-Prayer Home Page -- This is a wonderful prayer site, and also provides a daily e-mail reminder service, reminding you to pray!

  61. Free For All Christian Link Page -- A large directory of Christian links and resources.

  62. Free Home Page -- Register for a free web page at Angelfire Communications.

  63. Free Church Web Page -- Church organizations can register for a free web page at Net Ministries.

  64. Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool -- An online form that will analize and reveal your spiritual giftings.

  65. Songwriters Ministries, Inc. -- The ministry of Dana Sigmon, Gospel singer and evangelist.

  66. The Christian Network -- A site for Christian Consumers and Christian Business to come together on the Internet. Their mission is to identify and unite the body of Christ while providing funding for Christian Missions and Ministries.

  67. Victorious Christian Ministries -- with Rev. Dale & Jerri Robbins – A Christian ministry organization devoted to worldwide evangelism and spiritual renewal, consisting of a variety of ministries and resources made available by Rev. Dale & Jerri Robbins.

  68. Victorious Publications – A catalog of Christian literature and books, offering FREE packets of Bible study pamphlets.

  69. Christian Web Site Promotions – This is the best promotion service available for Christian web sites. Unlike secular promotion companies, they specialize in Christian site promotion, and will submit your URL to 250 top search engines and Christian directories for a low flat fee.