link1.gif (703 bytes)  Nos Los Inquisidores  [*] - The Harley L. McDevitt Collection on the Spanish Inquisition at the University of Notre Dame.

link1.gif (703 bytes)   A Heretic's Final Journey - description of the methods used on those accused of heresy.

link1.gif (703 bytes)   Angelo Clareno on Torture - from the Medieval Sourcebook.

link1.gif (703 bytes)   Bernard Gui: Inquisitorial Technique (c.1307-1323) - from the Medieval Sourcebook.

link1.gif (703 bytes)   Bernard Gui: Inquisitors' Manual - from the Medieval Sourcebook.

link1.gif (703 bytes)   Catholic Encyclopedia: Inquisition - the church looks back at its own past.

link1.gif (703 bytes)   Galileo and the Inquisition - story of Galileo's conflict with the Catholic Church.

link1.gif (703 bytes)   Historical Overview of the Inquisition - brief look at the religious purges or the Middle Ages.

link1.gif (703 bytes)   Inquisition - An Introduction - introductory essay by David Burr.

link1.gif (703 bytes)   Inquisition in 17th-Century Peru

link1.gif (703 bytes)   Modern History Sourcebook: The Crime of Galileo: Indictment of 1630 - text of the indictment against Galileo.

link1.gif (703 bytes)   Verbal Processes of the Inquisition

link1.gif (703 bytes)   Witchcraft Documents [15th Century] - including Innocent VIII's "Summis desiderantes" papal Bull of 1484.