link.gif (703 bytes)  American Theological Library Association (2)

link.gif (703 bytes)  Andover-Harvard Theological Library - library of the Harvard Divinity School and repository of the archives of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

link.gif (703 bytes)  Boston University - School of Theology Library

link.gif (703 bytes)  Graduate Theological Union - Flora Lamson Hewlett Library - information about the library as well as links to internet sites of religious/theological interest.

link.gif (703 bytes)  Library of God - Information Home of Theological Librarians and Other Info Seekers in Religion. Houses original work in religious scholarship.

link.gif (703 bytes)  Livingston Masonic Library - a state-chartered, non-profit center for the collection, study and preservation of the Masonic heritage.

link.gif (703 bytes)  Pitts Theology Library

link.gif (703 bytes)  Robert L. Powell Library

link.gif (703 bytes)  St. Pachomius Library - contains uncopyrighted English translations of the Church Fathers, the acts of the Christian martyrs, the proceedings of the Councils, the lives of the early saints and more.

link.gif (703 bytes)  Theological Consortium of Greater Columbus Libraries - catalog and information for the libraries of the Methodist Theological School, Pontifical College Josephinum, and Trinity Lutheran Seminary.

link.gif (703 bytes)  Vanderbilt University Divinity Library  - resources for religious and theological research.