1. MCU VIRTUAL LIBRARY -- Superb site! Hundreds of Links to key Apologetics, Evangelism, and Creationism sites. http://mcu.edu/library/apologet.htm

  2. ANSWERS IN GENESIS -- Majoring on issues relating to the creation. http://www.answersingenesis.org
  3. HOW LONG WERE THE CREATION DAYS?????? An excellent answer to the question. http://www.answersingenesis.org/Webman/article.asp?ID=220&Area=Search&SubArea=&SubAreaFlag=&c
  4. Answers to Jehovah's Witnesses -- An excellent research site. http://www.serve.com/larryi/

  5. Apologetics Press http://www.goshen.net/ap

  6. Apologetics and Counter Cult Ministries -- A most valuable resource. http://siteit.com/berean/

  7. Christian Answers -- A lot of excellent information! Check our apologetic information, even movie guides. Has a search facility for questions. http://www.christiananswers.net/

  8. Christian Apologetics and Research http://www2.connectnet.com/users/mslick/webtofc.htm

  9. Creation Science Homepage -- Excellent site. These people have done their homework. Especially helpful for High School and College students. http://emporium.turnpike.net/C/cs/

  10. In Defense of the Christian Faith -- Historical and Contemporary defenses of the faith. Some good, even some bad -- yet, worth your reviews. http://www.gty.org/~phil/resourcz.htm

  11. WhyJesus Apologetics (Especially regarding Muslims) http://www.familyville.com/earth/Edmonton/godsson

  12. Apologetics Resources - A cluster of resources http://socsci.colorado.edu/~brumbaug/CHURCH/RES/INFO/apol.html

  13. The Shroud of Turin Page, An interesting site. It is included on this page only as a point of interest. Its presence is not intended to indicate our approval of or agreement with the findings therein provided. http://www.cais.com/npacheco/shroud/turin.html

  14. Institute for Christian Leadership, One ofhe best all-purpose sites for Christian apologetics. It also boasts a first-rate set of links. http://www.iclnet.org/

  15. OPEN FORUM -CREATION VS EVOLUTION http://www.djournal.com/forum/messages/207.html

  16. THE SCIENTIFIC CASE FOR CREATION Reference and Notes http://www.creationscience.com/onlinebook/scc/refs/68.html

  17. THE JOURNAL OF BIBLICAL ACCURACY. Numerous articles dealing with attacks upon the integrity of the Scriptures. Some excellent food for thought. http://victorian.fortunecity.com/university/475

  18. A Scholarly Critique of the Preterist View of the Olivet Discourse
    Have the Biblical prophecies of Christ's Second Advent been fulfilled? Dr. Toussaint presents a scholarly critique of the Preterist view of the Olivet Discourse.

  19. A1 Bible answers to your deepest needs
    Answers to FAQ on God, Jesus, Bible, Christianity, angels, creation, prophecy. Bible help for personal needs. Updated weekly.

  20. AAAEvangel: Witness Box Ministries
    Nietzsche proclaimed "God is dead"...we have evidence to the contrary.

  21. ab.surd!
    The cyberzine for people who just happen to stop by, is produced by Phydeaux (with help from his technohead alter-ego, The Nrrrd (both of whom are unemployed and have nothing better to do with their time)). Phydeaux writes all articles, except those he doesn't, which are submitted by individuals just like you. (Well, maybe not just like you. But darn close...

  22. Abate Not - Reformed Christian Resources!
    Reformed Christian Resources, Church Directories,
    Apologetics, Eschatology, Message Boards, Reformation History and Literature, Reformed Web Pages and Links.  

  23. Academy of Christian Apologetics
    Equipping believers to articulate and defend the historic Christian faith in a way that will stand up to intellectual criticism.

  24. Add URL - Christian Apologetics & Bible Study
    This site allows Christians (individuals or organizations) to submit their site to our directory.

  25. All In One Christian Index
    Christian search directory listing & rating search engines, indices, resources, regional & topical including Bible search, chat rooms, newsgroups, software,
    apologetics, best award sites, churches, jobs, music, theology.  

  26. Amen! Christian Apologetics & Bible Research
    This site is loaded with links to other apologetic sites on the web, it's own search engine, chat room, and magazine rack to aid in Bible study.

  27. American Vision
    American Vision is a Chrsitian educational organization dedicated to the restoration of America's biblical foundation. We are an issues oriented ministry and specialize in American history, eschatology, and social issues. American Vision is a think-tank, publisher, and resource for pastors and laymen. Our material is from a Reformed perspective.

  28. Ancient Prophecies Explained-How Much Time is Left? (Sure Foundation Ministries, Inc.)
    Sure Foundation Ministries is a teaching ministry, emphasizing Bible prophecy and
    apologetics. We are a New Testament Watchman, ever vigilant to spot wolves among sheep. We desire to inform unbelievers of the signs that Jesus gave concerning the last days and His message of saving grace so that by any means some might be saved.  

  29. Answers - Eric Miller
    Site is for the purpose of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through the use of

  30. Answers to Jehovah's Witnesses
    apologetics organization ministering to those entangled in the cults. Biblical answers from an evangelical perspective to Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and most of the major cults.  

  31. Answers to Ultimate Questions - Michael Wager
    Why be a Christian? Why believe in God? Sections include 10 Espelled myths of Christianity, Ultimate Questions, Evolution vs. Creation, Many Infalliable proofs, Prophecies and Dreams for today? God's Will, Tough Questions, Revival, and more. Find it all in the quick-finder index!

  32. Apologetics Press, Inc.
    Apologetics Press is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to the defense of New Testament Christianity. We specialized in providing conservatively-oriented books on Christian evidences, plus two monthly journals. Reason & Revelation is 8 pages, and presents well-researched articles on subjects such as humanism, evolution, inspiration, world religions, etc. Discovery is a professional, beautiful magazine aimed at children 8-12 years old.  

  33. Apologetics! Reasonable Reasons: A Defense Of Christinity, BBS, Free Web Stuff, Quizes, Books, More!
    Providing answers and asking questions about Christian issues, parenting, faith, creation, worldviews, and more. BBS, Free Web Stuff, Quizes, Music, Books, Videos

  34. Apologia Report
    It's next to impossible to keep us with the massive growth of information on cults, the occult, new religions, world religions, spiritual trends in modern culture, and general
    apologetics. That's why Apologia Report, a new online research journal edited by Rich Poll, updates you weekly on the latest resources available so that you can stay current in areas crucial to your ministry's effectiveness.  

  35. Areopagus - Your Living Encounter in a Religious World
    Areopagus Online is a Christian website that seeks to engage its readers in a living encounter with today's religious world. Respecting the integrity of all religious communities, Areopagus Online (http://www.areopagus.com) provides a forum for dialog between the good news of Jesus Christ and people of faith both in major world religions and new religious movements. The site includes regular religious news updates, feature-length articles, and a searchable library of past articles.

  36. ARKE Books: Theology, Liberal Arts, Chivalry, Fantasy, Science, Creationism, Apologetics, Inklings, Home Schooling
    ARKE is a seller of fine books and related media primarily in the Science, Liberal Arts, Theology and Legendary genres. Our goals include: Promotion of Literacy, Education and Culture; Defense of the Faith; Restoration of a Sacramental, Reasonable and Heroic view of Life; and the Overthrow of TV Guide as the Favorite Reading Material for this Generation.

  37. Ask Mr. Religion/Valpatken, Limited/Patrick L. Reilly
    Mr. Religion will answer any of your serious questions about religion. Mr. Religion will present clear and concise theological information without any bias to a particular religious denomination. Email your questions to Mr. Religion...

  38. Beachhead Ministries: True Revival: A Critical Response - Peter L. Mehegan
    This is a reasoned, favorable response to critics of the current global revival. Critics are invited to consider other ways of looking at the controversies swirling around the church.

  39. Berean Project
    Committed to the proclamation of the Christian message and the spiritual development of the believer.

  40. Best in Christian Apologetics
    Trinity College of Florida presents a comprehensive resource for Christian
    apologetics, especially with regards to Darwinism and naturalistic philosophy. Book excerpts and full-length professional articles are provided to educate on topics such as Creation, Intelligent Design, and Irreducible Complexity.  

  41. Beyond Jehovah's Witnesses

  42. Bible and Homosexuality - Christianity and the Gay, Lesbian, and
    Exploring what the Bible has to say about homosexuality, bisexuality, and lesbianism through links to Christian sites, Bible references and commentaries.

  43. Bible Study Central
    Devoted to providing bible study guides and commentaries for free to the christian community

  44. bibleanswers.to
    Purpose To serve the Lord Jesus Christ by doing the following: To provide basic answers to common questions about the Bible in a brief, easy to understand format. To prepare Bible believers to give gracious, complete answers for what the Bible teaches. To build an intrigue and passion in Bible believers to gain greater knowledge of the Bible. To be a springboard to more mature and complete resources for those interested in more detailed information.

  45. Biblical Apologetics - presenting a logical basis for faith
    Apologetics presents logical reasons for faith. Believers and Skeptics alike are invited to consider the evidence, in a choice of concise or in-depth modes. Organization description: The Berea Foundation is a non-profit, internet apologetics ministry, headquartered in the city of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Our primary objective is twofold: 1) To help unbelievers bridge any intellectual barriers, whether real or perceived, which may be preventing them from experiencing a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. 2) To help edify the church by reassuring believers of the Rock solid foundation of their faith. While we seek to avoid being grouped or labeled, our primary defining characteristics are as follows: 1) We hold in general terms to mainstream evangelical Protestant beliefs. 2) We are non-denominational in our viewpoint in that we do not advocate one specific denominational agenda as opposed to any other. 3) We seek to er! ase dividing lines rather than drawing them wherever possible, and are content to remain somewhat in the background, given our belief that the message is far more important than the messenger.  

  46. Biblical Christianity
    The Biblical Christianity Web Page is a candle amid the growing darkness of Biblical illiteracy. Never has the need been greater for clear-eyed study and application of the timeless Word of God. Escape the murky, muzzy-headed emotionalist mysticism of popular religion to walk with Christ according to the inerrant Word of God. Here you will find Bible studies, doctrinal studies, marriage helps, evangelistic tools, Biblical discussion of current issues, and a message board. Start the journey with us!

  47. Biblical Reference Tools and Documents..
    This website provides biblical and apologetic resources for internet users.

  48. Bridge Ministries: A Ministry of Christian Education for Reconciliation
    Bridge Ministries is reconciling people to God and one another through free and low-cost seminars. Conducted by some of the world's finest Christian authors and educators (e.g., Craig Keener, Millard Erickson, Walter Kaiser, and Promise Keeper's Raleigh Washington), the seminars are exceedingly edifying educational events, many of which are even being published internationally as the 3 Crucial Questions book series. It also sponsors Christian News Etc. (CNewsEtc), a very informative e-mailing list for people wanting to learn about important Christian resources on the Web. Please visit and link to this extremely user-friendly Web site, which also features a Christian chat room, message board, a page where you can query many of the Web's premier Christian search engines, and which is thus becoming a highly interactive community for world peace.

  49. ChatMan's Christian Apologetics & Bible Study
    The purpose of this ministry is to assist Christians on the many different ways they may "contend for the faith once and for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3)." This is achieved by provided links to various organizations and online journals that may strengthen their faith and promote a greater understanding of God's Word. Also, a Christian
    apologetics chatroom is provided for discussions with believer and non-believer.  

  50. Chawman's Banner of Truth
    Site dealing in
    Apologetics, cults and non-Christian cults. Always changing but never compromising the Truth....at any cost!  

  51. Christ In The City Column (a monthly publication)
    Christ In The City Column... "And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come." (Matthew 24:14. NIV) For a long time, a major stumbling block that hindered my salvation was that I felt the gospel did not pertain to me. I am a young African-American female from inner-city Detroit, and most of what I learned from history and saw in the present from the church turned me off. It was only by the grace of God that I came into salvation... and began to understand that "in Christ there is no east or west". Now, with a heart for evangelism,
    apologetics, and prayer, I, a student at Florida A&M University, offer this service to the world-wide web. Each month, we will explore a different topic (the Nation of Islam, hip-hop music and culture, New Age) and find out why Christianity is a far better choice. Come visit me at http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/2471!  

  52. Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
    Information on Christianity, Doctrine, cults (Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.), Evolution, the Bible, Roman Catholicism, the New Age, and more. Well documented, easy to use, and it's growing.

  53. Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
    This is a Christian web-site designed to help the Christian verify, establish, and defend his faith Christian
    Apologetics and Research Ministry teaches good Christian theology and exposes the doctrinal errors of cults like Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses. Additionally, it provides information on the New Age Movement and Evolution.  

  54. Christian Bookmarks - Tom Brodrick
    Links to Importance to Christians Regarding Biblical Creation, Prophecy, and Resources that are vital in todays world.

  55. Christian Cogitator
    The Christian Cogitator is a Web site providing on-line reading material on topics of interest to Christians. The writings tend to address fundamental ideas of Christianity rather than current issues or trends. The purpose of the site is to promote knowledge and understanding of biblical teaching and Christianity among Christians and non-Christians. Some works not containing a biblical viewpoint may be included for educational purposes, because they provide intellectual context or historical background.

  56. Christian Corner
    Biblically sound christian
    apologetics, with a heavenly quiz, a plan for salvation, links to great Christian sites, & more!  

  57. Christian Corner
    The multi-award winning Christian Corner offers biblically sound Christian
    apologetics, thought provoking articles, challenging bible quizzes, a clear presentation of the gospel, a downloadable MIDI hymnal, seasonal articles, links to great Christian sites & more!  

  58. Christian Evidences
    Christian evidences - Why should someone believe Christianity? Common questions about Christianity in a question and answer format. Includes common skeptics' questions. Full Bible text for most cites. Protestantism and Catholicism compared. How do we know the Book of Mormon and the Moslem Koran (Islam) are not true? Does prophecy prove the Bible? A LAWYER EXAMINES THE SWOON THEORY. The site is written by a Dallas lawyer.

  59. Christian Home, The
    The Christian Home is a personal home-page dedicated to spreading the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The page is updated weekly with a sermonette (devotional) and scripture text. The author adheres to the fact that Jesus is the only way to the Father and that Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Ghost are one. I also adhere to the proclaimation "That if you confess with your mouth,'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." This is the only way, not by works or good living. It is my heartfelt desire to take this message to "Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel...preach this message, 'The kingdom fo heaven is near'."

  60. Christian Humor and Apologetics -- The Mining Co.
    Humorous articles, biblical top ten lists, and links to material around the web to get you thinking and keep you laughing, from your Mining Company Christian Humor Guide.

  61. Christian Liberty
    Christian Liberty is a web site that focuses on Christian
    apologetics and the equipping of those who are already saved. Topics include evidences for the authenticity of Christianity, the inerrancy and sufficiency of the Bible, salvation through faith alone, eternal security, church history, current events, Roman Catholicism, liberalism, "separation of church and state", etc.  

  62. Christian Medical Fellowship
    An interdenominational organisation of over 4,500 Christian doctors throughout the UK and Ireland with aims of Christian fellowship, ethics, evangelism, literature, student ministry and medical mission in order to promote the advancement of Christ's Kingdom in Healthcare and serve his church worldwide.

  63. Christian Ministry Report & Apologetics Index
    Apologetics and Counter-cult Resources on Cults, Sects, World Religions, Doctrines, Renewal and Revival Movements, etcetera.  

  64. Christian Resources Network
    Christian Resources Network offering chat rooms, bible study tools, christian site directory, free banner exchange, add url, Links, prayer board with prayer partners from around the world to pray over your prayer requests, web development for churches and ministries, public forum message board, questions and answers,
    apologetics, teachings and more.  

  65. Christian Students in Science
    Christian Students in Science is an interactive graphic site, with answers to the most important questions about life and faith from a Christian,
    apologetics position focused on mainstream compatabiity between science and Christianity.  

  66. Christian Students Support Site
    Informative support for Christian students

  67. Christian Underground Journal
    The Christian Underground Journal is a site where opinions and Biblical understanding take form. Just like in Sunday school, the journal is designed to provoke the mind to search out and discover what the Scriptures have to say. We offer an on-line discussion board to discuss the current columns and other topics suitable to our ministry.

  68. Christian Web Resource - Atlantic Enterprises
    Our vision - provide a internet site where christians can learn, discuss issues and find materials (Bibles, books, videos, music, etc.) in order to better share Jesus with a lost and dying world. We provide a discussion forum where christians from around the world can come to share their ideas on different subjects. We also provide a online bookstore & music store with a large selection of titles. Thank you for visiting CWR.

  69. Christian World Index
    Systematic list of christian linkcollections: Basics, Bible, Theology,
    Apologetics, Networks, Mission, Diaconal, Churches, Music, Software, Clipart, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and more.  

    Systematic list of
    apologetics resources. Categories: General Apologetics, Answers to Atheism, Answers to Science, Answers to Evolution, Answers to Astrology, Answers to New Age, Answers to Cults, Answers to Islam, Answers to Buddhism, Answers to Hinduism  

  71. Christianity Bible Study Audio and Text Sermons
    Listen to Real Audio Bible Study Sermons,Inspirational Gospel Songs,and Read Text Bible Study Sermons. Enjoy Amazing Java and Animated Graphic Features. Order Your FREE Magazine!

  72. Church Located Bible Institutes/International Bible Institute
    We have a delivery system that helps pastors and missionaries establish, "church located" Bible Institutes. A complete 3 year curriculum. Students learn direct from 33 prominent evangelical scholars. Support materials include: classroom instructor manuals, student study guides, lectures on audio cassettes or in print and an examination program. Can be put into immediate use wherever English is suitable; is inexpensive and ideal for 3rd world countries.

  73. Clarifying Christianity
    Explains and helps people understand God, Jesus, Christianity, the Bible, and how to get to heaven. We try to clarify any and all concepts that affect Christianity. Concepts covered so far include subjects as diverse as abiogenesis and unconditional promises. If the answer isn't there, we will place a bible-based answer on our faq page or develop a new URL and add it to our site.

  74. Come Let Us Reason Together...
    This page is designed for those who are seeking, skeptical or just curious about the

  75. Coram Deo ... in the presence of God ... Wynkoop on the web
    A Christian family website containing something for the whole family written by an aspiring scholar and pastor at Denver Seminary! Come read and be encouraged and challenged in your faith through sermons, papers on
    apologetics, letters to the editor, and book reviews. Please also check out our beautiful new baby boy Sammy!  

  76. Cornerstone magazine
    Cornerstone Online is the official home page of Cornerstone magazine, issued in Chicago by Jesus People USA. Oriented toward contemporary Christian music, art, poetry, fiction,
    apologetics, and investigative reporting. Our motto: "Not afraid to ask the hard questions!"  

  77. Cornestone Connection Christian Website for Believers & Skeptics
    Cornerstone Connection is a Christian website featuring resources for the believer and skeptic including a discussion forum, ICQ chat,
    apologetics, Bible study material, shareware, prayer request page and more.  

  78. Covenant Media Foundation
    CMF offers thousands of tapes and publications for Christian studies at all levels. Our speakers and writers include Dr. Bahnsen, Dr. Gentry, Dr. Morecraft, Steve Schlissel, Doug Wilson, Randy Booth, Ben House, Steve Wilkins, Roger Wagner and Cornelius Van Til.

  79. Creation Concept, The

  80. Creation Research Society
    a forum to support and publish scientific information that is favorable to the creation viewpoint.

  81. Creation Science Home Page
    Here you will find many resources related to the study of origins and science from a creationist perspective.

  82. Crossroads Project, The
    The Crossroads Project is an
    apologetics and evangelism ministry sponsored by Xenos Christian Fellowship in Columbus, Ohio, whose mission is to equip Christians for the evangelistic task today. Their means for carrying out this mission include the Summer Apologetics Institute their new book from Bethany House, The Death of Truth, their Death of Truth conference, their essays and their web site. Visitors can share their postmodern experience of the week or question of the week and, if their entry is chosen, win a free book! Extensive free online essays and study guides make this a fruitful site to visit.  

  83. Daily Wisdom
    A daily online devotional with an evangelistic/apologetic emphasis and an email version. Edited by Warren Kramer (http://www.gospelcom.net/~warren) and written by various contributing authors.

  84. Darkness to Light
    Darkness to Light is dedicated to proclaiming and defending the Chrisitan faith.

  85. Darwin was wrong!

  86. Dave Armstrong - Biblical Evidence for Catholicism
    My website is devoted to a biblical, historical, and reasoned defense of the catholic Church, and includes much material of general interest to all Christians. I am a Catholic apologist who is also passionately committed to Christian unity and ecumenism.

  87. Defending The Faith
    apologetics and prophecy ministry seeking to add knowledge to faith. We deal with current issues in the church, current news events and how they fit prophetically, apologetics, cults information, and provide discipleship materials including a section on the essential doctrines of the faith. Included also are the on-line versions of DTF Journal.  

  88. Deliver Us From Evil
    A comprehensive look at how Christians can respond to the growing problem of evil in the world. Includes a look at the moods of our culture, the relevance of the Bible, and some practical tools.

  89. Digital Berean
    The Digital Berean is the home of the skeptical Digital Berean and Berean-U. Skeptical, in that we advocate and practice using our minds by practically applying knowledge. The Digital Berean does not doubt the Bible or the God of the Bible. We affirm the Bible is the Word of God and that Jesus is the only way to God. We simply refuse to believe what we are told just because someone told us something. Berean-U is a place where you can come to study to become grounded in the Word and in the basics of the Christian faith and beyond. Additionally, the Digital Berean publishes the magazine Veracity, in which we feature articles about the truth and the Narrow Road Review, where we in the Biblical sense, narrow-mindedly review new and old materials. Our Berean Digital Store offers the best resources we can find, not all the resources in the world. The Berean Dispatch connects us to our visitors, telling of new articles, special offers, and other interesting stuff. And finally, Hot Berean Links will take you to some of the best sites on the web.

  90. Does God Exist?
    The purpose of the program is to provide thinking, seeking people with scientific evidence that God does exist and that the Bible is His Word.

  91. Door to Christ Ministries
    Evangelization, edification and Christian fellowship on the Internet. Studies, resources, Internet links and more.

  92. Dr. Doug Pruiett's Resource Web Page
    Missionary jail chaplain in Georgia. Personal writings and resources. I am an independent Baptist minister and missionary. Theological interests and writings lie in the areas of jail & prison evangelism and discipleship; Reformed theology; apologetics and polemics; and homeschooling.

  93. Dr. M. James Sawyer's Personal Home Page
    I am Assoc. Prof. of Theology at Western Seminary in San Jose, CA. I put this site together to help my students who have little or no experience with the Web to find quality Christian material.

  94. Eccentric Orbits
    Eccentric Orbits is the personal homepage of an alcoholic-addict who has found healing in Jesus Christ. Links to many other Christian sites too with emphasis on
    apologetics and the end-times  

  95. Ecclesia Militans
    A Traditional Catholic website, dedicated to preserving and spreading the true Faith.

  96. Emmaus Books - The Master Plot of the Bible
    Information about a book titled THE MASTER PLOT Of THE BIBLE that is an evangelistic/synergistic tour through the Bible in only 152 pages. Written by a Western Seminary grad who has ministered on the staff of Campus Crusade and has pastored a church in a university community. This book was self- published so that a low bulk purchase price can be offered to ministries...

  97. Eric's InfoCenter
    Apologetics-oriented web site, with sections on reason and critical thinking, creation science, history/archaeology and the Bible, and social issues ranging from abortion to participation in the Militia.  

  98. ETA catalog of Christian education resources
    ETA (formerly ETTA) Christian education resources are being used worldwide to promote biblically sound adult lay leadership in the church. These resources are used by churches and Bible institutes and include biblical and theological topics, ministry and outreach skills,
    apologetics, evangelism, teching, and church history. Utilize resources with 68 years of experience behind them.  

  99. Evangelical Broadcasting Organization
    Christian site with audio, video, interactive video, online Bible, gospel music

  100. Evangelical Outreach
    Apologetics site dedicated to the proclamation and defense of the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ (Jude 3,4). Special emphasis on the believer's security and various cults.  

  101. Evangelical Outreach
    Apologetics site ministering to Christians and the lost (both religious and non-religious) with special emphasis on the believer's security and various cults. Something for everyone.  

  102. Evidence for God from Science
    Provides scientific evidence for the existence of God and the reliability of the Bible as His written Word.


  104. Faith in Focus Ministries, Inc.
    The Home Page of Faith in Focus Ministries, Inc., a non-profit organization established "To Glorify God, by presenting and defending the Christian Gospel in an understandable way".

  105. Faraston Theological Seminary - Washington
    Faraston Theological Seminary offers Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees through mentorship (by extension) studies. Along with their mentors, students virtually design their own programs of study to meet their specific needs. Students are allowed to select the mentor of their choice from our 70+ faculty (representing more than 12 denominations), or, they may bring their own qualified mentor to their program (and FTS will pay their mentor). A wide range of majors are offered, including (but not limited to)
    Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Counseling, Church History, Divinity, Evangelism, Exegesis, Greek, Hebrew, Homiletics, Missions, Pastoral Ministries, Religious Studies, Theology, and Philosophy.  

  106. FlakyLMD's Lil'Page
    This webb site is my personal home page dedicated to spreading creation/apologetic information. I am also a home schooler so am adding christian home school resources. My site will also appeal to those interested in chat , and having fun.

  107. Foundation European Apologetics
    We are a European based foundation aiming at providing
    apologetics recourses in the European languages. We come from different nations: France, Italian, Netherlands, Tjesch republic, and share the samen goals and visions concerning the truth of the gospel.  

  108. Foundation for Biblical Studies
    A Reformed
    apologetics ministry dealing with issues and cults outside the church, as well as heresies within the church. Free newsletter available. Vast online Resource catalog, online church directory, online library, and more.  

  109. From witch to the Truth
    A site dedicted to sharing the Truth with those who are involved or have been involved in the occult. Let the lost be our inheritance oh Lord.

  110. Geneva Community and Lecture Series
    The Geneva Community and Lecture Series at the University of Iowa organizes university-wide lectures, Bible studies, conferences, and other activities to minister to students and faculty.

  111. God On The Net
    An Internet ministry with common questions about Christianity and full-text Bible answers. All ages and levels. Emphasizes evidence for Christianity.

  112. God Quest - Tony Guerrero
    God Quest was set up to provide both in-depth and "nutshell" answers to the standard questions raised by non-believers.

  113. God's Grand Plan - Jack's Evangelical Page
    God's Grand Plan sits amid personal home page sites that are decidedly anti-Christian for the most part. It hopes to establish a resource site with information and URL links to Christian ministries who espouse the TRUTH of the eternal Word.

  114. Gospel Contender, The
    This site provides a variety of writings, articles, sermons, hymns, and more from God's men of the past. These men include John Wesley, John Calvin, C.H. Spurgeon, George Whitefield, J.C. Ryle, and others. The Gospel Contender seeks to defend the landmarks of historic christianity. The web site also sections of biblical separation, fundamentalism, theological terms, and more. The Gospel Contender essential aim is to promote the glory of Jesus Christ while defending the faith of Historic Christianity.

  115. Gospel Outreach Ministries Online
    This website contains numerous apologetic, evangelistic, and devotional articles that seek to provide a rational basis for the validity of the Christian faith, and that apply Gospel principles to Christian life. It also contains important information on some of the major cults of today and methods by which informed Christians can present the gospel to cult members; and research on special theological topics of interest to Christians today.

  116. GraceWeb
    A topically-orginized Christian resource, centered around the "Main message of Christianity", the Gospel of Grace. Also includes Christian Beliefs and Living, A Bible outline, The Defence of Christianity, Other Worldviews, and links to other Christian resources both on and off the net.

  117. Grant Jeffrey Ministries
    Grant Jeffrey, Bible Prophecy, Prophetic signs, Christ's return, Last Days, Rapture, Second Coming, Intelligence, Middle East, Israel in Prophecy, Technology, Mark of the Beast, 666, antichrist, Tribulation, Heaven, salvation, Promisekeepers, World news in prophecy, Christian sites, Christian Ministries, Christian Books, Christian Videos, Christian audio, Christian
    Apologetics, Archeology, History, Frontier Research Publications, Christian Publishers, Christian Distributors, Evangelical, Baptist, Pentecostal.  

  118. Hal's Corner of the Universe
    This website is dedicated to Biblical Studies and

  119. Hall of Arguments

  120. Highway, The
    The Highway is a great source for solid Reformed Theology, articles on a wide variety of subjects, the Article of the Month feature, a Theology discussion group, a Prayer room, an Open forum, a Teen forum, WCF online, download a free program of the historic Creeds and Reformed Confessions, and quality links. Updated often!

  121. Highway, The
    "The Highway" is a great source for solid evangelism, Reformed Theology, interactive chat, discussion groups, and quality links.

  122. HIS-Net Christian Directory
    HIS-Net Christian Directory is your source to helpful and enlightening Christian web sites. We hope and pray that God's word is shared with you through the web pages you visit. The Internet is being used to spread the Gospel, to grow His Kingdom, and win the lost. Remember, it is HIS internet, not ours. God Bless you.

  123. Horne Booke, The
    The Horne Booke "A Distinctive Family Christian Book Store" offering Reformed Theology, Home school books, classic literature and Childrens books. Specializing in Classic Christian books and literature and education.

  124. How You Can Be Sure You're a Christian

  125. IBRI (Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute)
    Seeking to strengthen church in outreach to (esp educated) unbelievers; audio tapes; Research Reports; tracts; books; a few videos; speakers' bureau; free annual catalog; some on-line resources

  126. IMARC - Independent Methodist Arminian Resource Center
    IMARC, is a conservative orgnization composed of Methodist/Wesleyan pastors and lay people. Our purpose is to provide a standard of what Bible Believing Methodism is, and in those terms to provide hope for the Christians named Methodist. Our ministry is to provide a resource for Methodist history and theology. We feel that it is time for conservative Methodism to have a presence on the "Web."

  127. In Search of Truth
    In Search of Truth/for all who are interested in studying the life, claims, and teachings of Jesus Christ.

  128. In Search of Truth
    As a scientist, Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, I search for truth. Not all truths can be grasped by the scientific method. These are the kinds of truths that I explore here.

  129. Inner-City Christian Discernment Ministries
    Rev. Robert & Tracy Liichow are founders of this ministry. We are evangelical ministers in the Detroit, Michigan area. We attend Grace Community Church. We are master degree students at Michigan Theological Seminary. The purpose of the Web Site is to inform the Christian Community concerning contemporary evangelical issues. Also, we endeavor to provide the Online Body of Christ with the Study of Sound Biblical Doctrine.

  130. Inner-City Christian Discernment Ministry - Robert and Tracy Liichow
    Inner-City Christian Discernment Ministry (ICCDM) is dedicated to exposing heretical trends in the Body of Christ. ICCDM also provides solid Biblically-based responses to heretical teachings.

  131. Institute Of Biblical Defense - Training Christians to Boldly Defend the Faith
    IBD is a Christian
    Apologetics ministry dedicated to helping train Christians to boldly defend the faith. IBD performs lectures, seminars, debates and has non-traditional educational courses and certificate programs. We are active in defending the Gospel in the colleges and universities and strengthening the case for Christianity among the lost.  

  132. Internet Bible College
    The Internet Bible College is a part of the Vision Ministries. Vision International University (USA) and Vision Christian Colleges (Australia) has over 600 campuses around the world in over 80 countries. We offer studies from Certificate to Doctorate level via distance learning through the intenet. No matter where you are, now matter which country you can now earn legitimate ministry degrees with leaving your home, your country, your job or your ministry or church. In every country around the world, whether the gospel is freely proclaimed or not, we now present "The Whole Word To The Whole World"

  133. Issues That Make Christians Squirm
    Facts, arguments & scandals that give Bible believers nightmares.

  134. James Lee's Home Page
    This site is used to help build web sites , study almost anything related to the study of God and Martial Arts study. I have made remotes to speed up and ease up the study process. I also have a Chat Room and Message Board to help with your problems.

  135. James Underwood/Seventh Trumpet Rapture
    This is a site of Biblical studies with emphasis on the scritpures as support to doctrine. Primary focus is to the doctrines of the last days theologies.

  136. Jeannie & John's Main Home Page-Believers' Christian Fellowship, A Calvary Chapel in PA
    Welcome to Jeannie & John's Main Page! Here you will find some great links to all kinds of sites, a personal testimony, resources, Bibles,search engines and links to our other pages. One where you will find lots of encouragement for when you are down, some articles you might want to print and keep, Internet Radio and Audio links, Bible Studies, books,Discipleship helps, etc. Another page has stuff for family, from ladies links & e-cards, to home schooling, to recipes and gardening. Our last page has links toNews, Legal Issues and Apolgetics Ministries, where you can find all sorts of info on contending for truth and differing opinions on what the Bible says.

  137. Jesus and the Intellectual
    No other person has influenced the world for good more than Jesus Christ. Wherever His true message has gone, great changes have taken place in the lives of men and nations.

  138. Jesus Christ: The Historical Carpenter
    This web site is dedicated to the research related to Jesus Christ as a carpenter during His hidden years. This is a part of project with which I am involved that will result in a book, if it is His will. I also want to reach others for Him. Further, there is a lot of mis-information regarding the historical Christ, and some of my research will offer

  139. John Warwick Montgomery - Canadian Institute for Law, Theology and Public Policy
    The Canadian Institute for Law, Theology, and Public Policy, Inc. publishes books and tapes, and sponsors seminars which seek to integrate in depth the Christian faith with public policy issues. The Institute focuses on: The relevance and application of Christianity's teachings to public policy issues; Jurisprudence (the philosophy of law); Human rights issues;
    Apologetics (case for the truthfulness of Christianity); Writings and lectures of Dr. John Warwick Montgomery.  

  140. John-Lee Ministries
    We are an evangelistic outreach ministry with the purpose of reaching the lost and building disciples of Jesus Christ. Our focus is to help Christians to draw close to the Lord in intimacy, to grow spiritually and to be able to discern truth from error.

  141. John4 Bible Studies - Sidney Webb
    This site conducts Bible Studies on current events/interest in mainly the African American and Hispanic communities.

  142. Joseph Wall Gallery
    A gallery displaying fine art photographic prints of nature, wilderness and landscape subjects featuring a photographic testimony of Jesus Christ.

  143. Keeping Catholics Catholic Page I
    Keeping Catholics Catholic is an online ministry dedicated to teaching and educating all Christians anout the Catholic Faith founded by Jesus Christ. This site's theme is the Crusades and the Shoud of Turin. We offer classes on a variey of subjects for free download.

  144. Ken Collins' Web Site
    Sermon and lectionary resources for pastors, spiritual resources for lay people who lead hard lives.

  145. Ken's Biblestudy Arena
    This site is dedicated to helping Christians properly study their Bibles, learn
    apologetics & doctrine; and also to dispel some popular 'christian myths'!  

  146. let us reason
    understanding the teachings and practices of the cults and World religions from a Christian perspective.Who is Jesus in scripture compared to other religions? Addressing false teachings inside the church.How can we discern truth from error.

  147. Life*Design Creation Ministry/Brian Robinson
    Life*Design Creation Ministry teaches the life-impact of origins beliefs, the Bible's sudden creation, and how compromise damages Christian faith. Offering: Seminars, Sermons, Resources, and our workbook "Borrowed Evolution."

  148. MacLaurin Istitute, The
    The MacLaurin Institute is a campus ministry on the campus of the University of Minnesota, directed at both students and faculty. They are also making available books by Vishal Mangalwadi on Christianity in India, and
    apologetics against the New Age and Hinduism.  

  149. Master's Word Ministries
    We are an evangelical non-denominational ministry dedicated to equip the body of Christ to: 1)grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, 2) defend the faith once for all delivered to the saints, and 3)fulfill the great commission. We have ministries in the areas of:
    apologetics, missions, discipleship, and youth outreach.  

  150. Meaningless Ministries
    Meaningless Ministries is in the business of creatively evangelizing Generation Next and training others to do the same. (it's strange, we know) We have Meaningless T-shirts with special instructions for what to do when a conversation gets started for how to tell people about Jesus.

  151. Memphis C. S. Lewis Society
    The founding members of the Memphis C.S. Lewis Society, have as our purposes to bring together those in the local area who share for C.S. Lewis a special admiration and love and an active interest.

  152. Michael E. Brichford/The Podium
    The Podium is an on-line resource of articles, essays, and commentaries designed to help Christians grow in their walk with Jesus Christ. Articles deal with a variety of issues such as doctrine, prophecy,
    apologetics and other issues of interest to Christians.  

  153. Mike Rouse/The Seventh Trumpet Rapture Page
    This site contains Biblical studies which look at the theologies and doctrines of the endtimes. Emphasis is on scripture support and studies contain scriptures as support to the studies.

  154. Miracle Life Mission
    Free teaching on the miraculous power of God, healing, evangelism, revival and testimonies from around the world.
    Apologetics material, prayer requests, missions and more.  

  155. Mormonism Research Ministry Home Page - Bill Mckeever
    Mormonism Research Ministry is a Christian missionary/
    apologetics organization that has been challenging the claims of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) since 1979. This site contains numerous articles dealing with many topics regarding Mormonism. MRM was founded by Bill McKeever.  

  156. Mystical Rose Home Page - Rosemarie B. Scott
    Explores some little-known aspects of Catholic doctrine, moral teaching and devotional practice. Learn about the Church's teaching on grace, salvation, and the holiness of conjugal love, among other things.

  157. Network For Gospel And Culture, The
    We attempt to look at the underlying assumptions of Western culture and submit these to the light of the Gospel.

  158. Noctur Visio
    Noctur Visio is designed to equip and challenge Christians to be soldiers and Bereans to study, research, defend and promote the faith that has been delivered to the saints. Users to Noctur Visio will find bibles and bible reference tools,
    apologetics and philosophical journals and writings, sites to research and compare other competing secular and religious viewpoints that oppose the Christian faith.  

  159. One of a Kind Original
    It can be safely said that he, through his life and works has changed the world like no one before or since. His name is Jesus Christ.

  160. Open Heart - Karleen Page
    This site features Christian poetry, fiction, articles, essays, devotions, bible study materials, Christian resources, and artwork. Our purpose is to promote the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, to encourage other believers, to endorse unity in the Body of Christ, to inspire the discouraged, and to challenge those with stale religious experiences. We are basically ecumenical and full gospel.

  161. Pastor's Helperhttp://members.xoom.com/Barry/
    The Pastor's Helper is designed for Pastors, Christian workers, and anyone else who is looking for FREE Christian resources including, sermons, sermon series, Bible study helps, and tons of links. There are also four message boards, a chat room, and more!!!

  162. Perilous Times
    Attempting to reach those lost in paganism, new age and other cults. Wanting to provide information to those who seek information on many topics but mainly on dealing with cults, the occult, and witnessing to loved ones involved in these things.

  163. Philokalia - Bill Stanley
    Philokalia is dedicated to providing links to Christian writings of antiquities, classical theology, Church Councils, Creeds and Canons, Reformed Theology, and Christian Resources.

  164. Philokalia - DayWatch Enterprises Ministry
    Philokalia is the ministry branch of DayWatch Enterprises. It is dedicated to the study of the history of the Christian Church, antiquities, theology,
    apologetics, Bible prophecy and eschatology, Christian Resource links, and Bible Study Software links. DayWatch Enterprises is also involved in the sale of computer systems, components, upgrades, instruction and training.  

  165. Prophetic Technology, for the 20th & 21st centuries - J. Zachary
    Scientific dating biblical events with astronomy shows human events appear to be controlled with mathematical accuracy from antiquity into the 21st century.

  166. Questions of Christians from a Modern Day Skeptic
    The Christian Information Foundation is a non-denominational ministry that seeks to use reason and evidence to promote biblical Christianity.

  167. Raymond S. Neaville - Know the TRUTH! Ministries
    KTT Ministries was founded for the express purpose to encourage Christians to think for themselves, to seek God for themselves without a dependance on man, but God. We try to get Christians to face the truth, never to whitewash what is unpleasent or misunderstood, to build a real relationship one on one with God as a real person instead of just an idea. We encourage Christians to take a more active role in biblical interpretation by seeking God, and not just relying on what someone has taught them. We also provide study material free of charge as well as our fellowship to anyone who seeks it.

  168. Reasonable Reasons: A Defense Of Christianity
    Too many people think you have to check your intellect at the door in order believe in God. I beg to differ. Believing in God is simple for me, even though I'm not exactly a simple person. I am a reasonable person though, and it was through my reasoning abilities that I came to find truth in the scripture.

  169. Reasoning from the Scriptures
    Founded by Dr. Ron Rhodes (formerly of the Bible Answer Man broadcast at the Christian Research Institute), Reasoning from the Scriptures exists to help Christians grow strong in the Word and become biblically literate. Free materials available. Come by and visit.

  170. Reasons To Believe
    Our 8
    apologetics brochures offer biblically based reasons for our faith. Each brochure focuses on a different aspect of our faith. Also a great tool for research.  

  171. Reasons To Believe
    Reasons To Believe is an organization dedicated to showing how the latest scientific discoveries point to the God of the Bible, the Creator.

  172. Reasons to believe... - Anthony Horvath
    This site is dedicated to providing clear, reasoned arguments for the truth of Christianity. It's main feature as of now, however, is that it contains a 'work' page that you can keep up for instant access to a variety of resources while evangelizing online. More arguments to come, many arguments are accessible from this site. Make it your home page to support the ministry!

  173. Reformed Forum
    Theological essays dealing with everything from church growth to church state relations.

  174. Religious Resources on the Net
    Religious Resources on the Net is a comprehensive, searchable database of religious web sites on the Internet. Visitors can browse through over 100 topics or use our search engine to generate a listing of resources containing selected keywords.

  175. Renewing Your Mind Online with R. C. Sproul - Ligonier Ministries
    Site of Ligonier Ministries featuring the teaching of R.C. Sproul. A forum, Bible studies, articles, online catalog, RealAudio daily messages, free resources-what are you waiting for?

  176. Resources on Christianity & Postmodernism
    Focus Radio is an Evangelical Program Producer. Our web site "Truth Zone" majors on issues relating Christianity and Postmodernism.

  177. Riggle's Rinconcito
    Equipping Christians with information concerning modern cultish trends including the Word-Faith Movement, Evolution, KJV only, etc.

  178. Road to Emmaus/Emmaus Ministries
    The ROAD to EMMAUS==>> WebSite and BBS are run by Emmaus Ministries, in Ambridge, PA, to provide spiritually and intellectually aggressive materials for Christian living in a secular/pagan age. We produce video, audio, and printed material for adult and high school education, to show that the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Biblical worldview have a winning case on every major point -- so that Christians can move with strong personal faith and again re-enter the public arenas, e.g., of sexuality, politics, and education.

  179. Sackcloth and Ashes
    More fun than an evangelical should be allowed. Sackcloth and Ashes is a satirical Christian web zine that lets anything from New Age to old heresies have what they so richly deserve.

  180. Saints Alive Ministries
    Saints alive is a minstry reaching out to those lost in spiritual darkness. Founder, Ed Decker was a Mormon for 20 years before he was saved. He felt a call on his life to reach back for those still lost in the grip of Mormonism. His ministry has expanded to other groups such as Freemasonry. A busy writer, speaker and author of numerous books and videos, he has been loading his extensive research files and monthly newsletters onto the net for free use by anyone who visits the web site, and a forum are there for active dialogue. This is the place to get your questions answered! Ed is available on the site and through email.

  181. SCCCS and CMF
    The Southern California Center for Christian Studies is a non-profit religious/educational organization that offers graduate-level studies in
    apologetics, theology, philosophy and biblical studies. The Covenant Media Foundation is a non-profit religious/educational organization the distributes tapes and publications on a variety of biblical subjects.  

  182. Scenario Ministries International Publications Info
    The SMI publications page gives descriptions of each periodical -- Scenario, Remnant, Bible Study Dynamics and InSight Online -- as well as requested donations for each (if applicable).

  183. Sean's Apologetics Page
    apologetics evidentialism evidential historical christian worldview bible difficulties evolution atheism theistic proofs cornelius van til  

  184. Search Ministries
    Search Ministries is dedicated to sharing the gospel, life-style evangelism, discipleship, Christian
    apologetics, and the publication of resources.  

  185. Sharon's Cottage in Heartland/Plains
    My job as a computer programmer/analyst, my interests, my personal Christian testimony, instructions on how to be born again, why I am a Christian, and links to other great sites.

  186. Shaun & Jackie Aisbitt's Home Page
    Shaun and Jackie Aisbitt's web page. This site is for those who are researching religious cults. Also
    apologetics, Testimonies, Classical Christian Writings, and Cross-Stitch. This board tries to bring the message that Christianity can be fun, not just religious. We want all who come to see that Jesus can free them from bondage, and bring them into a loving relationship through His sacrafice on Calvary.  

  187. Shiloh Christian Counseling
    Shiloh Christian Counseling is a Word based Christian counseling service dedicated to finding Biblical solutions to earthly problems. We are also equipped to defend the faith and endeavor to assist in bringing unbelievers into a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We offer direct one-on-one Christian Counseling and links to other Christian sites and ministries.

  188. Shimmer's World
    This site provides valuable, hard-to-find CHRISTIAN resources for people looking to find the following: Christian email cards (not just secular-but-nice), Christian search engines, on-line Bibles, Christian sound wavs (VERY difficult to find!), webrings for linking up with other Christians, Christian graphics sources for their own pages, Links to ministries and organizations geared to help Christians with their daily walk, and a message board for discussion, information leading to other links, and more...

  189. Solid Rock Ministries

  190. SONshine Horizon - Prophecy
    Apologetics: A look to the past, present, and future through the lens of God's Word. It is a call to the Church to be faithful to God's Word if we are to avoid cataclysmic events within the global society. It was written to gain the interest and respect of the intellectual community that has no time for self-proclaimed "prophnuts."  

  191. Southeastern Region Berean Missonary Outreach
    Biblical answers to the cults.

  192. Southern Baptist Connection
    Southern Baptist Connection is dedicated to promoting the web sites of the Southern Baptist Convention, links to all the major entities of the SBC can be found, emphasis is on missions, missionaries, and Pastors. There is a Pastor/Staff Search area where churches can list openings for Pastors or staff, or an individual can post a notice of availablity for a Pastor or staff position. In addition there is a Pastor's Forum where Pastors can exchange information, ideas, or get help from other Pastors. There are also a large number of links to other sites which offer Sermons, Illustrations, Pastor Helps, Bible Studies, Devotionals,
    Apologetics, and much more.  

  193. Southern California Center for Christian Studies
    The Southern California Center for Christian Studies is a non-profit religious/educational organization that offers graduate-level studies in
    apologetics, theology, philosophy and biblical studies.  

  194. St. Anthony of the Desert's Catholic Website
    St. Anthony of the Desert's Catholic Website provides articles/materials of interest for traditional Catholics. We offer excellent articles on Modesty and the great Catholic apostacy currently underway.

  195. Steve & Aubrey's Homepage
    We are Steve and Aubrey Weese. We just got married in August of '98. We love the Lord and would like to share some of our Christian resources with you.

  196. Street Wizdom's Urban Jungle!
    The Official website of Prince of Peace Wear and Street Wizdom Gear. Where Bible inspired urban fashion & urban culture is on the rise! We got phat tees, thought provoking commentaries and cool graphics. Check us out!

  197. Stromata: The Online Student Journal of Calvin Theological Seminary
    The Stromata is a collection of the best work of the students of Calvin Theological Seminary. Every paper has earned both the highest grade evaluation possible as well as the recomendation of the professor. Essays are grouped in the four categories of Biblical Studies, Historical Theology, Systematic Theology, and Practical Theology.


  199. Sure Foundation Ministries teaches Bible prophecies in light of current events.
    Sure Foundation Ministries was founded in 1989. Its purpose is to alert believers of the soon coming of our Savior, to expositionally teach the Bible and to interpret current events in light of biblical prophecy. In addition, the ministry labors in
    Apologetics and identification of cults and aberrant teaching that jeopardize the historic Christian faith. Modern movements are closely scrutinized in light of God's Word.  

  200. Sword&Spirit Online
    A Christian
    apologetics ministry. Our materials (writings, tracts, stickers, postcards, shirt) deal with abortion (prolife issues), evangelism, science, AIDS, the Deity of Christ, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, the Creation, the Flood, premarital sex.  

  201. Symphony of History/Tabernacle Factory
    This is a tremendous amount of joyous fun, it builds fellowship wonderfully, and it trains leaders. How the symphony of history basically works follows. Please bear with us--as one plays, one is 'surprised by joy', though it is difficult to explain it all before the playing begins. Here's our plan: We are a temple of the Holy Spirit. And we are to build this temple, under God. The question is, does God show us that He does things in certain patterns? We think, yes. One key pattern is the days of creation. We have begun with that, and over 4 weeks we build the people-version of the cosmic tabernacle that God built in the first 4 days. The Creation is first, then the Cross, then Pentecost, and 4thly Lights of the World--this tours the Tabernacle from the Throne to the Altar to the Table to the Lampstand. Liturgical churches will see this as the order of worship. To help us, we use JordanLenses and NorthQuestions, which are our ways of interacting in a structure. (This becomes more apparent as one goes along). The Leader (The Octave) choose the overall subject for study and application, and also plays one of the 7 days--thus the leader is both in the structure (game) and above it, in imitation of Christ, you see. The Octave writes the overall essay, summing all up. We all will write a 480 word solo, each week we ask and answer questions from each other, the duets, and our discussion, which appears random, but is not, is a Purim feast. These are all recorded, and in 4 weeks we have a book. We love it. One book is on the site www.symphonyofhistory.com, with complete instructins on how to play free for downloading. Any questions? edencity@aol.com is here to help you.

  202. Tentmaker Online
    Dedicated to sharing with the world that Jesus Christ has reconciled the world to the Father.

  203. The G. K. Chesterton Library
    This page contains the collected online works of G. K. Chesterton, the great Christian apologist.

  204. THEOMATICS: God's Best Kept Secret
    Did God really write the Bible? There is now scientific proof.

  205. Tim Phillips/A Reformer's Website
    Enlightening essays on
    apologetics,philosophy, science,the Antichrist and more.  

  206. True Light Educational Ministry, Inc.
    True Light Educational Ministry is a Christian research, education and counseling ministry. We offer: Classes on topics from 'cults', to 'the occult'. Tracts on topics from angels to witchcraft. Counseling/Crisis Intervention to individuals being wooed by any of the 2,000 to 5,000 cults presently active, as well as to those drifting into the occult or the 'New Age' movement.

  207. Truth Research
    This web site presents intensive analytical research into Bible prophecy, photographs of the newly discovered site where God parted the Red Sea, photographs of a site in Galilee that may be the true location of ancient Nazareth, the calculated dates of the crucifixion and ascension of Jesus based on prophecy and New Testament data, various creation-science resources, various hard-sayings of the bible, and
    apologetics on some difficult Bible passages.  

  208. Tyndale Theological Seminary
    Tyndale provides the deepest doctrinal assurance that what you are receiving is without compromise. Tyndale stands in the tradition of the greater Evangelical doctrinal climate, with no paradigm shift, deletion or watering down of truth. No doctrinal syncretism, no secular psychology. You will study within the framework of both the great Reformed thinkers of the past and, with the greatest Hermeneutic scholarly minds available in America today.

  209. UFO's, Political Scandals and Conspiracies!
    Miscellaneous materials on current and other controversies often having relevance to the believer's faith. Some of these interefere with the believer's walk if left unaddressed, others are (often mistakenly) viewed as a challenge to faith. Links to other resources.

  210. Veritas Forum
    A university-based forum whose purpose is to conduct an inter-disciplinary exploration of Truth (Veritas) in relation to Jesus Christ.

  211. Wave and Son Ministries
    The ministry-based homepage of Paul W. Brown. From music to surfing, curiousity to scepticism, fun and humor to faith building...and even web page design...whatever you're looking for is here.

  212. Welcome to Ivor Soans' home page
    Although a personal homepage, this site will be developed as a resource for Christian

  213. Welcome to The Moorings!
    The Moorings offers thorough, compelling studies of
    apologetics (showing Christianity is true), the gospel (giving the secret to eternal life), the Christian walk (explaining how to please God), Bible prophecy (proving these are the Last Days), and Bible doctrine.  

  214. Welcome to the Moral Jungle
    I want to reach the educated sceptic. And provide them with answers why the Christian Faith is valid - and be a resource centre for the believers

  215. Westminster Books & Software
    We are a full-service Christian bookstore specializing in Christian books and software for the scholar, pastor, layperson and student. We offer some of the most competitive prices in software including Parson's, Logos, Hermeneutika, Bible Windows, Sage Digital CD's and a whole lot more. We also discount most books from 20% to 60% off the retail price. Try us for books in Biblical studies, theological works, counseling titles and books on the family and Christian life. Give us a look or call us toll-free at 1-888-WTS-BOOK.

  216. Who will be saved - Jew? or Gentile?
    apologetics' paper  

  217. With Good Reason Apologetic Projects
    With Good Reason Apologetic Projects is a Christian
    Apologetics organization, in the process of being set up by Dave Spiegel. The website offers an apologetic cassette tape for sale. This tape is geared for the sincere skeptic.  

  218. World Wide Christian Web (WWCW)
    Proof that God exists and the Bible is accurate. An unassailable defense of Christianity and creationism at this site. Atheists beware!

  219. Xenos Fellowship
    Xenos Fellowship is a group of over 2500 people in Columbus, Ohio organized in to over 60 ministry teams and a hundred home fellowship groups. The website is one of the biggest, with thousands of links and hundreds of useful papers, essays, outlines and charts. The site contains ntire course outlines with teacher's notes and course syllobi. It even offers free, on-line books and group study guides.

Home Page