Based on Psalms 121:1-2

It is my sin that drags me into the pit. It's grip is tight. It's intentions are cruel.

             I can't escape.


I am being crushed by this sin: this sin of my own creation. There is no hope for a filthy wretch as I.

I am unforgivable.


I will surely die, if I don't escape: die the death of the wicked ones, and be cast into eternal darkness.

             I must escape.


I yearn. I do yearn! To be free from this ever tightening grip of my sin.

             I must escape or I die.


In my desperation I lift my eyes unto the hills. From the deepest depths of my soul I cry unto the Lord who made heaven and earth.

             I cry aloud.


Through my tears I see a hand--a nail scarred hand--descend from the heavens.

             There is hope!


It lifts me out of the crushing grip of my sin and into life everlasting.

I am free!


It dries my tears and quiets my cries. There is safety in this hand. There is hope and love.

             It is life.

            Trust His hand.