~ In memory of my grandfather, in the flesh, and my brother, in Christ. Brother Fred O. Blakely ~

Rest your soul, oh brother dear

In the arms of th’Savior’s tender care

Close your eyes to a sleep so deep

And ‘wake again to comfort sweet

To behold the face of Jesus

Close your eyes, oh brother mine

For the peace that comes will transcend time

God calls you home, no more to be

in the shell of bitt’rest agony,

To behold the face of Jesus

Peace is your’s, oh brother true

And, Heaven’s gates, you will walk through

To the land of never-ending day

Where sorrow and sighing flee away

To behold the face of Jesus

Blessed are you, oh brother sweet

Now sitting at th’Savior’s feet

You sit there now, in humble fear

Realizing now, that you are here

Beholding the face of Jesus.