~ Inspired by a collection of poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and dedicated to his memory ~

When my voice is still
And my sleep is deep
When the grass grows as a garland ‘round my head
When I’ve bid farewell to this mortal breath
Let the words above me read
‘Free from earth’s fetters, to fly to His breast’
And be sure you meet me on the other side.

I’ll fear not death
It is only the unlocking of my earthly fetters
It is a dear friend I’ll embrace just once
No. I’ll fear not death
For after I know her
My soul is free to soar to Heaven.

That is not he who lies there still
He who did GOD’s perfect will
That is not he, but the shell of merely
The one I love so very dearly
I cry for him, not from despair
But because he is no longer here
For he soars in realms I cannot reach.