~  ~

Little baby in MY care
You have nothing more to fear
Forever in Heaven you will be
Because she sent you back to ME

Lovely baby in MY hand
I know you do not understand
Why you weren’t wanted on the earth
But there’s no measure t’what you’re worth

Darling baby, Happy, free
You are ever safe with ME
I created you b’cause you’re desired
And I know you must be oh so tired

Precious baby lay on MY breast
Lay on MY loving breast and rest
Rid yourself from every care
Your heavy burden no longer bare

You are wanted, you are loved
By your Heav’nly FATHER above
I will not leave you, do not fear
Because she did not want you there

I want you here with ME forever
You from ME no one can sever
Down earth’s dark road you’ll never go
B’cause Heaven is all you’ll ever know.