~Inspired by a quote by Sister Becky McCormick. “Eagle wings can’t soar that high!”~

- Dedicated to the memory of Sister Virginia Lee King -

Penned by E. Christine Blakely

I’ve a home that naught can buy

I’ve a home beyond the sky

I’ve a home in Heav’n on high

I’ve a home with Jesus

There, His arms are open wide

To receive me to His side

There, in love, I’ll e’er abide

Abide with my dear Jesus

I hunger naught, for this my fill

“Jesus keeps and loves me, still”

I surrender all my will

For Thine, beloved Jesus

When my flesh be growing week

The things of earth I will not seek

But a’tear of joy run down my cheek

When I think upon my Jesus

When I shut my eyes to die

My last breath be drawing nigh

This clay vessel’s parting cry

“Give me naught, but Jesus!”

My soul will up on wing`ed flight

Far above all that in site

And when I reach that Heav’nly light

Cry “I’m coming hone, my Jesus!”

On eagle wings I will not fly

For eagle wings can’t soar that high

But Angel wings I’ll use to fly

Home, to my sweet Jesus

I shall reach that Heav’nly place

Fell his love, redeeming grace

But when I see Him face to face

I’ll say naught but “He is my Jesus!”