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       pcross1a(1).gif (1843 bytes)SERIES--THE AGES TO COME

  1. THE AGES TO COME #1, Introduction
  2. THE AGES TO COME #2, A Big Background
  3. Saturday Contemplation--THE EFFECT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS
  4. THE AGES TO COME #3, Jesus Sustains All Things
  5. THE AGES TO COME #4, A Progress Kingdom
  6. THE AGES TO COME #5, Expanding Our Horizon
  7. Special Devotion: A CHRISTMAS THOUGHT--1998
  8. Saturday Contemplation--THE JEWEL OF CONTENTMENT
  9. THE AGES TO COME #6, Obtaining That World
  10. THE AGES TO COME #7, Forgiveness in the Coming World
  11. THE AGES TO COME #8, Eternal Life in the Coming World
  12. THE AGES TO COME #9, Saints Will Govern the Coming World
  13. THE AGES TO COME #10, Tasting of the Powers of the World to Come
  14. Saturday Contemplation--WHAT ABOUT FEEDING THE SHEEP?
  15. THE AGES TO COME #11, The Greatness of Grace
  16. THE AGES TO COME #12, Exceeding Riches of His Grace
  17. THE AGES TO COME #13, Grace, Expressed in His Kindness Toward Us
  18. THE AGES TO COME #14, Ages in Time #1
  19. THE AGES TO COME #15, Ages in Time #2
  20. Saturday Contemplation--SEEING THROUGH A DARK GLASS
  21. THE AGES TO COME #16, Ages In The Time To Come
  22. THE AGES TO COME #17, Conclusion
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  23. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #1, Introduction
  24. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #2, What Is Sin? #1
  25. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #3, The Word "Sin"
  26. Saturday Contemplation--ENDURANCE IS NEEDED
  27. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #4, Transgression Or Iniquity
  28. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #5, Offense and Error
  29. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #6, Sin Is Wickedness
  30. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #7, The Glorious Effect of Illumination
  31. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #8, He That Has Suffered in the Flesh Has Ceased From Sin
  32. Saturday Contemplation--KNOWING THE UNKNOWABLE
  33. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #9, Sensitive Hearts
  34. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #10, Dead to Sin
  35. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #11, Freed From Sin
  37. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #13, Alive From the Dead
  38. Saturday Contemplation--WE ARE SAVED BY HOPE
  39. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #14, The Affect of Sin Upon God
  40. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #15, Sin Occasioned the Death of Christ
  41. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #16, Jesus Humbled Himself
  42. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #17, He Suffered, being Tempted
  43. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #18, Jesus, Made A Curse For Us
  44. Saturday Contemplation--WHEN FEARING IS IN ORDER
  45. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #19, Sin Requires Quenching the Spirit
  46. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #20, The Affect of Sin Upon Sinners
  47. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #21, Sin defiles the Mind and the Conscience
  48. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #22, Sin Blinds Hearts and Minds
  49. WHY SIN IS UNREASONABLE #23, Conclusion to the Series
  50. Saturday Contemplation--ONE SINNER REPENTETH
    pcross1a(1).gif (1843 bytes)SERIES--LED BY THE SPIRIT
  51. LED BY THE SPIRIT #1, Introduction to Series
  52. LED BY THE SPIRIT #2, The Need to be Led
  53. LED BY THE SPIRIT #3, A Man's Steps--Ordered By the Lord
  54. LED BY THE SPIRIT #4, Some Ways Only Seem Right
  55. LED BY THE SPIRIT #5, A Classic Example of Divine Guidance
  56. Saturday Contemplation--THE ERA OF NEW THINGS
  57. LED BY THE SPIRIT #6, Divine Leading Seen in the Example of Our Lord
  58. LED BY THE SPIRIT #7, Jesus Did Only What the Father was Doing
  59. LED BY THE SPIRIT #8, Jesus Spoke Only What the Father Told Him to Speak
  60. LED BY THE SPIRIT #9, Divine Guidance Does Not Preclude Judgment
  61. LED BY THE SPIRIT #10, Guided By His Eye
  62. Saturday Contemplation--SMALL BEGINNINGS
  63. LED BY THE SPIRIT #11, A Sign of Sonship
  64. LED BY THE SPIRIT #12, What Is Flesh?
  65. LED BY THE SPIRIT #13, What Is The Answer?
  66. LED BY THE SPIRIT #14, Spiritual Mindedness
  67. LED BY THE SPIRIT #15, Deliverance From the Law
  69. LED BY THE SPIRIT #16, What of Those NOT led By the Spirit?
  70. LED BY THE SPIRIT #17, How Can We Be Delivered from the Law?
  71. LED BY THE SPIRIT #18, A Righteous Man's Cry
  72. LED BY THE SPIRIT #19, Waiting for the Hope of Righteousness
  73. LED BY THE SPIRIT #20, Practical Matters, and Conclusions
  74. Saturday Contemplation--A BOTTLE FOR YOUR TEARS
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  75. CONSIDERING HEAVEN #1, Introduction
  76. CONSIDERING HEAVEN #2, The Relevancy and Supremacy of Heaven
  77. CONSIDERING HEAVEN #3, Heaven--Not A Novelty
  78. CONSIDERING HEAVEN #4, The Heavenly Summons
  79. CONSIDERING HEAVEN #5, What Will Heaven Be Like?
  80. Saturday Contemplation--A BOTTLE IN THE SMOKE
  81. CONSIDERING HEAVEN #6, Direct Access to the Water of Life
  82. CONSIDERING HEAVEN #7, Judging the World and Angels
  83. CONSIDERING HEAVEN #8, Expanding Our Stewardship
  84. CONSIDERING HEAVEN #9, We Shall Shine As The Sun
  85. CONSIDERING HEAVEN #10, The Absence of Friction and Hostility
  86. Saturday Contemplation--A CONTRARY LAW WITHIN
  87. CONSIDERING HEAVEN #11, Conclusion of Series
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  88. NEWNESS OF LIFE #1, Introduction
  89. NEWNESS OF LIFE #2, A Pattern Throughout Scripture
  90. NEWNESS OF LIFE #3, The Old Cannot Be Made New
  91. Saturday Contemplation--REAL WORSHIP
  92. NEWNESS OF LIFE #4, Flesh Cannot Be Reformed
  93. NEWNESS OF LIFE #5, The Impotence of the Natural Man
  94. NEWNESS OF LIFE #6, Rebirth and Regeneration
  95. NEWNESS OF LIFE #7, Put Off the Old, Put On the New
  96. NEWNESS OF LIFE #8, Walking in Newness of Life
  97. Saturday Contemplation--JOY UNSPEAKABLE
  98. \NEWNESS OF LIFE #9, What IS Newness of Life?
  99. NEWNESS OF LIFE #10, Things That Have Become New
  100. NEWNESS OF LIFE #11, Conclusion to the Series
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  101. THE PEACE OF CHRIST #1, Introduction
  102. THE PEACE OF CHRIST #2, Related Directly to Christ
  103. Saturday Contemplation--WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO RUN?
  104. THE PEACE OF CHRIST #3, The Kind of Peace Jesus Possessed
  105. THE PEACE OF CHRIST #4, Peace THROUGH Jesus Christ
  106. THE PEACE OF CHRIST #5, Peace FROM Jesus Christ
  107. THE PEACE OF CHRIST #6, Through the Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  108. THE PEACE OF CHRIST #7, The Relation of Peace to Believing
  109. Saturday Contemplation--MANAGING OUR AFFECTION
  110. THE PEACE OF CHRIST #8, A Covenant of Peace
  111. THE PEACE OF CHRIST #9, Peace Can Be Taken Away
  112. THE PEACE OF CHRIST #10, Peace Can Come In Abundant Measure
  113. THE PEACE OF CHRIST #11, Peace, the Result of the Dominance of Spiritual Mindedness
  114. THE PEACE OF CHRIST #12, Peace Is Selectively Bestowed
  115. Saturday Contemplation--WILLING IGNORANCE

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