by Given O. Blakely


It is fashionable these days for "Christian" leaders to promote political activism. "What we need is more Christian politicians," we hear. The church is thus challenged to get more involved in the political process. It all sounds good -- but is it? Is there anything in the Word of God that confirms this approach? Does faith itself require that we do so? Is there anything about salvation that compells us to think in this manner?

Moses was a politician, but left that role to lead the people of God out of his country. Joseph was a politician, but asked that his bones be removed from the country that promoted him. Daniel was a politician, yet defied the edict of the king. Jesus never challenged anyone to be a politician. He never spoke of correcting or redirecting a decadent government. John the Baptist never ran for office, even though he was influencial among the people.

No epistle contains any word that suggests believers should play a prominent role in government. We are exhorted to pray for rulers, to obey every ordinance of man for conscience sake, and to render honor to whom honor is due. The truth is, the saved are the best citizens, the most productive, and the most helpful. Their faith results in these benefits, but is not primarily for that purpose.

Let it be clear that some "mighty" people are among the body of Christ--people that can render a valuable ministry in political office. They are not common, and they are not described as a "gift" from Christ. We encourage believers that are in the government to perform their function to the glory of God, and we stand solidly behind them in that endeavor. They have our prayers, and we are happy to give them.

Our primary involvements, however, are in the spiritual arena. Our warfare does not involve the engagement of flesh and blood. As the people of God focus on the real battle, an appropriate impact will be made upon society-- even upon government. It may not correct our social ills, just as it did not correct the ills of the Roman empire. The faith of the early saints did not stop taxes from being high, believers from being martyred, or Bibles from being confiscated. The government killed Apostles, prophets, infants, women, and children. It has never remained a friend of believers for long. The people of God need to be speaking as people of faith, emphasizing what what the Spirit says. That is the very best way for the common man to impact the government.