CULTURED FOR REIGNING "If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us" (2 Timothy 2:12)


Over the next two weeks, the THOUGHT FOR THE DAY will center in the purpose of salvation. We are being cultured for a reign with Jesus--a most challenging consideration. This is an excellent theme for further development by yourself. I trust these thoughts will provoke you to the holy activities of meditation and edifying speaking.


Why are we here? What is the reason for our presence in a divinely created realm? These are not trite questions. Whole bodies of theology have been formulated in answer to them. As well, philosophies that attempt to reply to these interrogations dominate society. A brief analysis of some of these views is profitable.


Many believe man is an accident attributable to evolution. If this is the case, there can be no standard for our existence. This is, of course, a convenient view to those seeking justification for their behavior.

Every person, therefore, is on their own, to choose the focus that best meets their desires. Reasons range from crime to monastic living, and from making money to achieving power over men. If this view is correct, whatever the individual does is really all right.


In our society, this is widely accepted. "Having fun" is the accepted philosophy of everyone from beer manufacturers to church youth groups. Fleshly satisfaction in all of its varied forms has been exalted to the throne of the heart. We are told by the media that we only go around once. Our quest, therefore, ought to be to obtain as much true enjoyment as we can.

It is unfortunate that this view has now permeated the professed church. Much religious activity is now being sanctified because it is "fun." Pleasantness is seen as an end of itself, and is therefore exalted to a place of preeminence.


Some live for the gratification of their fleshly appetites. This is hedonism, and it runs rampant in our society. Those caught in this web are not confined to irreligiou s people. Legion is the name of preachers and teachers that have elected to disgrace the name of Jesus to satisfy their own lusts. The drunk, drug addict, murderer, adulterer, and sodomite have fulfilled their perverted desires, descending into the pit of immorality.

None of these views are acceptable. They all postulate man as an end in himself. According to these perceptions, man has no determined origin, is answerable to no one greater than himself, and expects no existence beyond this world.