Every believer confronts a fierce inner struggle. Some are taught to ignore it, while others, by misinterpreting it, are brought to confusion. It is vital that those in Christ recognize that they are personally involved in the struggle of good and evil. They are not bystanders in Satan's insurrection against the God of heaven.

Confusion on this matter can cause personal spiritual defeat, as well as doctrinal error. The supposition that life in Christ is attended only by favorable and pleasant circumstances is a false one. It has given rise to a host of false doctrines. The "health and wealth" gospel is prominent in the list of emphases to be zealously avoided. The doctrine of the eternal securitist also ranks high. It teaches that, struggle or not, you are safe in Christ independently of personal effort. This is a grievous error.

Those in Christ are involved in an inner struggle. Potential blessing and cursing are associated with this conflict. It is not possible to confront evil without confronting eternal jeopardy. Wherever evil is found, in principle or in expression, Satan is at work. And wherever Satan is at work, imminent danger exists! The fall in Eden's Garden provides us with an example of the seriousness of moral warfare.