These cd's are the recordings of our song services
from the Word of Truth Fellowship.

TONY AND MELISSA PARKER, with SARAH (grand daughter)
Each cd will have a collection of songs from our  
morning and evening service along with any special
music and song presentations....

There is a rich heritage of gospel hymns which has been handed
down to us from many generations past. Brethren, led by the spirit
of God who were able to capture the message of Christ put lyrics to music.
Often times, through the centuries, such hymns as we sing in our fellowship
have been the only faithful witness many have had in difficult times.

They continue to minister to us each and every Lord's Day as we sing them
together....these hymns we hope will minister to you as  well. 

There are no charges.

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Tony and Melissa Parker
400 North Roane Street
Webb City, Missouri   64870